"I feel like I'm suffocating.

As if every word that falls from those monotonous lips somehow tightens the invisible rope around my neck

My personal noose to swing from the rafters.

She doesn't realize how much those words affect me

How every syllable cuts and bleeds and scars

Another raised line upon my arm

So I grip my locket until it bites into the palm of my hand

Leaving a permanent imprint of a broken heart upon the flesh

But the damage sinks further, below the skin,

To taint the blood

And scratch the bone until there's nothing left but dust.

I'd rather her break my body than scream the way she does

A shrill, violent voice that drips with guilt;

The echo alone could snap my spine in half,

Cause me to crumble to the floor

Cold and silent as snow on a winter night.

In a few short moments I'm as still as Felicia is now

My lungs shut down and instead I cry for her,

Not myself and this miserable emotional end,

So please, bury me next to that amazing, artistic angel,

For once again, we long to talk."