Ignorant Doctor

If jealousy could kill

I'd be dead a billion times over

A mangled corpse, a victim of starvation

For jealousy eats away at a person

Slowly, maliciously

From the inside out

At first, the pain is all internal

Nothing wrong on the outside

No one can see through the mask

But then one's eyes

Oh, their eyes

They begin to blaze a green glare

Wheneverr surges of jealousy overcome

One's calm, collected composure

And the one symptom almost impossible to miss


But there are a number of occasions

When the one doctor capable of saving you

Doesn't even notice

Sure, pediatricians and dentists get it

But they can't help

Only the doctor can help

Only the doctor can cease your pain

Only the doctor can cure you

But "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"

And your fresh, apple looks might just be

THe one factor that keeps him away

The best happy disguise anyone could conjure up

Day after day

The doctor keeps away

Minds his own business

Don't you just wish the doctor could see

Past the apple?

Past the perfect look?

Past the giggles and smiles?

And look into your eyes

Gaze into the very signs of a serious problem

But no, the doctor can't see it

Doctor doesn't have the time

For such trivial things

So get plenty of rest

For tomorrow shall always be worse