Great big tree

Branches reaching high into sky

Wide broad leaves green with life

The sturdy wood stranding strong and tall

Housing the little nymph as she leaps from branch to branch

Listen to her laugh

Listen to her carol

Listen to her whisper secrets to the tree

Watch her dance

Watch her sing

Watch her slip away like a dream

Hidden from the world but everywhere she is

Waiting to drop acorns on travelers from up above

Hoping for a newfound friend

But only seeing her friends die away she does

Listening to the last cries of the nearby trees

As the big machines move in

Saws and blades hacking away at her beautiful tree

Do they hear it? The anguished cries of the tree

Can they smell it? The sweet blood of the tree dripping away

Will they feel it? The pain cutting away at her soul with their metal knives

Pulling out her heart by the roots

Shredding her spirit to bits

Whimsical winds brush through the air

A silent cadence to her cries

As her home crashes to the ground

Listen to her weep

Listen to her empty shrills

Listen to her cry out to the tree

Watch her fall

Watch her dim

Watch her fade away like a dying dream