Deep In Heavenly Waters




Michelle A Obie


Every day my life goes on in every day my life gets bitter. My mommy asks like I'm not even there, I don't think I wouldn't make it this summer. Sometimes I sit up in my room stirring out the window looking for my daddy to come up in the driveway blowing his horn telling me Sea, let's go darling. We don't have much time left. I hurry up in grabbed my things in ran down the stairs in out the door. My daddy in me always went down to Harley's in we would dance, in dance the night away everybody knew my daddy he was like a movie star from Hollywood. Hello Sheriff how are you doing tonight? I'm doing find tonight how is Betty in the kids? Betty is doing find Sheriff in Ben say hello to better for me in I better, see her at church on Sunday morning.

I tell her you said hello you'll do that you hear. Sea, would you care to dance with your old man? Daddy you're not that old I took my father hand in he walked me out on the dance floor as the music begins to play. Happy birthday sweetheart I know I forgot your birthday, daddy its ok it would be other birthdays but not like this one you turned 18 the other day. Daddy, I understand it can happen sometimes. Daddy, I need to ask you something, what is Sea? Where did I get the name Sea from? The name Sea came from my sister. Daddy what happened to her? Did she die? It's time for us to sit down now, Sea and her father set down in, he begins to talk about his sister. My sister name was Emily Sea Hollie well today on your birthday she would be 23 years old. Daddy what happened to her? One day I took my parents to the beach for their fifty anniversary Emily loves the sea and Emily want to far she got swapped away by current. We never found the body sometimes I think she's still out there searching for us.

Is that why you forbid me to go in the water? Sea, could tell that her father was hurting. Sea, you look like her more and more every day. Daddy there's something I need to tell you about my dreams? Daddy, I saw a woman draining at the beach but she didn't look like Aunt Emily when I have theses dreams I can taste the water from the beach as if I was draining. Daddy, what do you think it mean? I'm I going to die? I don't know Sea I just don't know what this mean maybe we need to go visit Nanny. Nate said I'll be all-right but something happened a fight broke out at the bar in Nate heard it in went over daddy, maybe you shouldn't go. Sea I'm the Sheriff in it's my job to protect the people. Daddy, please don't go! Sea I will be all-right Nate knew the man so he tried to approach him as come as he could. Tim, I just want to talk to you, I just want you to come down Tim I can't do that Sheriff, why not Tim? He did something to my daughter.

Tim how do you know he did something to Katie? My daughter is hurting Sheriff. I know he did something to her just let me talk to him Tim no stay back Sheriff. Tim, I'm just trying to help you that are what friends are for remember I'm your friend Tim and he was mine. Nate took another step and the gun went off Sea scream and horror daddy no get her out, get her out of here! Daddy no, daddy, daddy, daddy, get her out! Sam tried but she wouldn't move Nate was dead he wasn't moving, he wasn't breathing, he was just laying there the man who just killed Nate took his own life. Sea just kept saying come on daddy, come on daddy you got wake up, you gotta wake up she was cover up with her father blood. Sam tried to get her away from her father but he couldn't Sea just hug are her father crying into his arms. Everybody knew that Nate and Sea were close they had a good father and daughter relationship the Sheriff department arrives on the same in they cleared everybody out but Sam refuses to leave her alone. Sea was shaking so bad Mike took her by the hand in lead her away from the crime scene.