Chapter 1

Sea kept dreaming about her father's murder because she couldn't shake the feeling that if they weren't there that night Nate would still be alive into see his daughter walk across the stage at her graduation. She felt so alone in so afraid of stepping out into the world without the help of her father. Sea just stirred into the crowd as if she was searching for her father. Sam sitting down beside her, wondering what was she thinking about? She hasn't said a word to him after Nate's deaf she distance herself from everybody who knew Nathaniel Holliewell. Sam glance at her with a look that made his heart beat. He never saw her cry before but as he looked at her a tear fell from her eyes. Sam wonder what was she thinking about? What made her cry again? He wanted so badly to hug her in his arms in make it safe again all Sam wanted was his best friend back, the one who use to curled her long dark brown hair unto her finger when she laugh because Sam had made a joke or did something silly to make her laugh.

The one who would cheer Sam up when he was down or feeling sad. He kept stirring at her but she didn't even notice that he was still there. She finally notices him when he touch her hand in she didn't move it back. She just said thank you in he notice she didn't give him that look she use to have. Sam said how are you doing? I'm doing ok I guess I can't sleep at night all I can think about is my daddy. It's going to be ok Sea. How is it going to be ok Sam when I miss him so much? You just live your life every day Sea in it will be ok I don't know how to any more I feel if I try to live my life again I would lose everything memory I had of my daddy. Sea let me tell you something you once told me love will never leave in that it stays in your heart forever now. I'm telling you the same thing you told me. I know that Sam but how can I move on when my own mother doesn't even notice I exist?

Sam just took her hand in he lead her out on the dance floor in they begin to dance she remember her father use to take her out on the dance floor at Harley's in they would dance all night. Harley's was like this place where every child in their family would be at on Friday's in Saturday but Harley's stop getting business after Nate's deaf in most people moved uptown to stay, some people say that Heavenly Waters was and one beat town after Nate's deaf. Sea broke the silence in said Sam I'm leaving in two days to visit my family in maybe stay for a while I can't take this anymore. Sea I know you scare but why run away? Sam because I can't face my mother she want even talk to me Sam, she want even look at me in I just can't take anymore that I can't already bare.

Sam knew if she leave she wasn't coming back but how can he stop her with her mind already made up Heavenly Waters wasn't a town anymore without Nate in once Nate died the town died too. Sam are you there?

I'm here Sea I was just thinking about something. What where you thinking about? Its not important you're lying to me Sam I know when you lie to me because you get this worry look in your eyes. Its nothing Sea just drop the subject how can he tell his best friend he's falling in love with her? Sam wanted so badly to tell her how he felt about her but he couldn't he knew her family wouldn't accept him. Sea broke the silence again because she knew something was wrong with Sam she can feel it in her heart. Sea just glance into Sam beautiful

brown eyes in she said Sam what is wrong with you? I thought we can tell each other everything. Sea how can I tell you what wrong me when you haven't talk to me in a year?

Sam I tried to but you push me away first when I really need you the most Sea everything change for me after Nate's deaf because he was the only one who gave me a chance when no one else didn't, what I'm I suppose to do now? The music started dying down as Sam walked off the dance floor he just kept walking he didn't even look back or say goodbye he just left Sea standing there on the dance floor looking sad. Harley came over in Sea said Harley I think I just lost my best friend forever. Sea it's going to be ok just let Sam blow off for a little while. I didn't mean to push him away it just hurt so badly, I didn't mean to push him away. Harley I think I better go Sea got up in left Harley's place in headed home to her place when she got home she heard her nanny in her mother auguring. Lisa don't ignore her she needs a mother now. Don't tell me how to raise my child momma she's nineteen years old Lisa it's time that she knew about her other family. I'm not bringing my child around Nate's family. Lisa when you married Nate you took his family too it's a one package deal. Sea was a mistake I never should have had her I was young in stupid.

How can you say that I was a mistake? I have done nothing but love you because you where my mother, I did well in school I graduated at the top of my class in all you can say that I was a mistake? How could you do this to me? I'm your daughter does that count for something? Sea you don't understand, understand what momma ? Tell me what do I don't understand? My father is dead in you act like you don't care Sea I didn't say I don't care, then what did you say? You don't want me around Sam how come momma ? How come you don't want me around Sam? Thanks to you I lost my best friend forever, are you happy now? You didn't like Sam that's not true I was best friends with her mother Nanny I'm sorry I can't stay her. Sea if you walk out there door don't worry about coming back momma you know what go to hell Sea what did you just say? I said go to hell all you care about is yourself you never once said Sea are you ok?

Sea you need to talk. Sea I'm sorry no don't touch me, Sea no don't touch me I can't stand you Sea if you leave you're not coming back screw you momma. Lisa slap Sea with all her might in Sea ran upstairs in gather her things she already packed in ran downstairs Sea where are you going? Nanny I can't stay here anymore nothing isn't the same since daddy died if she don't want me here then I want be here. I'm sorry Nanny in Sea ran out the house. Lisa if you let my only granddaughter leave then you might as well leave yourself she's nineteen years old momma in you acting like a child yourself Lisa what's gotta into you? Why are you acting like you don't love your child? I don't love her momma Sea in Nate has always had that father in daughter relationship that I dream of having with Sea because you pushed her away Lisa. How many times has Sea come to you to talk to you? I don't know momma because you where to busy being someone I don't even know anymore. "Lisa said momma grow up" No Lisa you need to grow up Nathaniel really love you in you act like his passing isn't a big deal to you if I didn't no better I think you're happy Nathaniel is gone.

Momma don't say that, say what child? I love Nathaniel but I wasn't in love with him besides Sea may not be he's anyway. How can you say that now when the man is dead? Lisa I want you out of my house momma you can't kick me out Lisa I want you gone by the time I get back with Sea see that's what I'm talking about you always taken her side over mines momma why can't you love me for who I am? I love you Lisa I love you with all my heart but lately I just don't know who you are anymore. You didn't answer my question momma do you love? Yes Lisa I love you but I want you out my house Lisa I have tried to put up with you in you drinking but its got to stop, its got to stop Lisa you're my only daughter in you acting like you don't even care you have split this family apart. Momma don't walk away from me, don't walk away from me momma. I need you momma Lisa I tried to be your mother the best way I new how but Nathaniel came into your life he was the best thing that ever happen to you because you stop for along time Lisa.

Momma what makes you think I'm doing it again? I don't need prove from you Lisa a mother knows when her child is lying to her in I can't go through this again Lisa. Momma what about the baby? There is no baby Lisa stop lying for once in your life stop lying but Momma leave my house Lisa, but momma please! Help me! Help me please momma? I can't help you anymore Lisa only way you're going to get help is you help yourself. Momma don't walk away from me I really do need your help. "Amy started yelling at Lisa because she wanted to know how did she get on it?" How did you get on it Lisa? What happen to you? What made you try it? Answer me damn it! Answer me! It happen after I lost Katie momma, who is Katie Lisa? I had her the year after I went to college she was a year old when she disappeared momma, I couldn't come home because I though you will be mad at me momma. Why did you keep something like this from me Lisa?

I could have help you, I could have help you no, no, no not again Lisa, not again Lisa you can't do this to me again Lisa you can't tell me something then turn around in say it was a lie. How do you I know you're telling the truth or not? How do I know anything for that matter? I just don't know anything anymore Lisa you have lied, cheated in stole from me in the past in I just can't do it again I want you gone before I call the police.