Stronger than the Breakdown

there is something crazy coursing through my veins

and it isn't blood

but it's red

and it involves my heart

adrenaline pumps through my system

and my eyes work overtime

on the production of tears on the factory floor

on the floor

to my knees

why can't you be with me?

I'd give it all

so you would

have it all

why can't I live without you?

by me

with me

why can't I hold you?

or here with me at my door

I miss you starting midday

I don't think I could sleep without you on my mind

I think I've lost myself

somewhere before the freefall

but you catch me

so im alright

you pick me up

off the floor

and you held me in your arms

I feel so strong

so strong

is the drug

which brings me to the breakdown

when I can't find your number

so strong

is the drug

which beckons me to love you

even though you are in another world

cross over

I promise I won't let go

bring me to you

or come to me

either way

we must be


so strong

are my legs

as I carry you


because you must be suffering

from the same disease