Romantic Transcendance

There's a love that transcends

All that we know of ourselves;

And I am no longer waiting

For it to come

Cause with you, I'm me

Exactly how it was meant to be

Can't find enough words

To express what you mean to me

So staying up until four a.m.

Re-reading your e-mails again

Sleep has found another friend

And I am thinking of you

Dreaming of you

And I find you are dreaming of me

Whoever thought a love like this could be?

Either way, we're both glad it is

They say we're going too fast

Thinking about marriage

Before a year has past

But we both know the reality of it all

We're so deeply in love,

We know we can never fall

Whispering 'I Love You' in my dreams

Just wishing you could hear me as you sleep...