Like the graying smoke
That scorched my eyes and lungs
...sting, oh throb, oh let me feel your pain once more
In the midst of smoldering ashes
Of my once joyful home

Like the ever-shifting flames
Absorbing my fingertips in their mouths
...bite, oh gnaw, oh let me suffer for my atonement
From the columns of the inferno
Collapsing around my feet

Like the singed gems of my dying tears
Tumbling down the crests of my cheeks
...soak, oh douse, oh clean my soul for judgment
Forming a trail through the soot
Clinging to my motionless visage

Like all of these, I pray I will be

Burnt into time
....etched into stone
...journey, oh my soul, evermore

Oh, let me be flung into the Golden Earth
To alight upon Canopus
An isle unto myself
To dip my hand in the Mother of Rivers

Oh, let them think not of the fires' glow
Let them think not of the powdered remains I've become
Pray, let them instead imagine me as the orb of Osiris
Lady of the lighthouse of the universe

Let me guide their travels
And heal their troubles
Let them bathe in my blue light
Instead of dwelling in the darkened past

Let me be their power source
As they have been mine
Let me be their light
Forevermore to shine
And be their guiding star

I entreat thee, oh mighty universe

...let me be