Jason jerked upright from the couch, his heart pounding rapidly – almost in time to the pounding at his door.

"Jason Alexander Browning! Open this door!" Paige called from the hallway. Quickly, he bolted to the door and nearly ripped it off its hinges as he flung it open.

"You told Hannah that I seduced you," she said through her tightly clenched jaw. Alarm bells were ringing in the vaults of his mind and a horrified look struck his eyes during this terrible moment of déjà vu. He quickly grabbed her arm, pulled her inside, and slammed the door.

"I know. I was a jackass," he began speaking rapidly.

"Damn right," she interrupted and crossed her arms in a huffy gesture.

"I wanted to have everything with Hannah and so I lied and tried to push the blame all on you," he moved on without missing a beat. "But I don't want that. I want what I had with you, Paige. Everything was right when we were together and I'm tired of being wrong. This fits," he took her hand in his, "we fit."

Her expression was unreadable but he plowed on, hardly stopping to breathe. "I am so sorry Paige. I've been absolutely terrible about this whole thing and I've gone about it all wrong but I want to make this work," he emphasized his words by gently placing his free hand on her stomach, " – you, me, and our baby. I love you Paige."

Her head was hung low and she was silent. Jason had run out of things to say and felt it was unnecessary to belabor the point. Paige placed her hand on his on her abdomen and when their eyes met, her emerald orbs were brimming with crystalline tears.

"I came over here so angry and I was going to tell you to forget about me and the baby and I was planning to raise her by myself. But I can't be angry when you've just said everything I've been waiting to hear for months now," her tears were spilling down her face, yet she made no effort to wipe them away. With a happy sigh, Jason pulled her close to him and they clung tightly to each other. He kissed the top of her head and then placed his lips on her dampened cheeks, kissing her tears away.

Her fall had been a terrible dream, a nightmare, but it was one from which he had awakened. He found himself emerged from overwhelming shadows and embraced by glorious welcoming light. It wasn't his fault because it hadn't happened. He wasn't guilty, but he knew he would be for her, if she wanted.

"So I'm not messing up your life?" she questioned, "This isn't stealing you from your dreams?" Her biggest fear had been tying him down and taking away his freedom.

"How could it Paige? You're my life and my dreams," he answered sincerely.

With a beautiful, happy, and mildly embarrassed smile, Paige gave Jason another hug just to feel him in her arms again – a feeling that she had missed so much over the past few months. Feeling the same, Jason held her tightly in his embrace and they did not move for a long moment until Paige broke away from him. As they sat on the couch in his tiny living room, Paige thought to herself that she was overjoyed that Jason did not feel any obligation to her and that his actions were out of genuine love and affection, but she knew that even if he hadn't felt this way, she would have happily taken the blame for the wrong in his life. She would be guilty if he wanted her to be.

I'll be guilty if you want me to be.

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