Remember Me

When You're the One Who's Silver Screened

By DeadCaffeineJunkie & Keishi

Chapter One

Rune drank moodily from a plastic cup, rolling the fruit punch around his tongue. How cliche. Someone had spiked it. He put the thing down and wandered, looking for the only reason he'd come to this party at all. Jake Healy, 165lbs. of quarterback and all of it the subject of an intense crush. Rune was propositioned by a drunk cheerleader halfway up the stairs. It had happened at least four times this night. Girls thought he was cute because of his slightly curly mahogany hair and the soft graveyard grey eyes it often curtained, but the diminutive boy always declined. He'd fallen hard for someone else.

He scoured the rooms upstairs, finding the house party's owner's bedroom occupied by two separate couples in various stages of copulation, someone puking in the toilet while a couple made out in the bathtub and then he found his crush and best friend in the second bedroom. He stood shyly by the open door, watching the healthy game of spin the bottle play out, feeling slightly drunk and wishing he didn't. He waved at Jake.

Jake burped loudly, glad to be OUT of school and IN to some heavy partying, finally. The week had been brutal, Coach insisting he actually attempt to pass his classes this term. Who needed academics when he could play sports and fool around with his buds on the weekend? He laughed loudly at nothing in particular and wound an arm around his best bud Khema's neck, watching dizzily as the bottle spun, spun, spun...

A diminutive figure distracted him, leaning against the doorframe. He focused his eyes, and smiled wide. "Rune!" he cried, holding out his arms in greeting. "What is up, my man?" His light blue eyes sparkled with drunken mirth, not even midnight and already he was smashed.

Rune smiled nervously back at Jake and stepped forward to be hugged, maybe leaning into it just a little more than he should. He loved how much stronger Jake was than him, it made him feel incredibly safe around the boy. "Jake, are you drunk?" he asked, semi-rhetorically.

He looked round and one of the girls held her hand out to beckon him down. "C'mon, come play spin the bottle with us." She grinned flirtingly.

Rune raised an eyebrow. "Uh, no thanks." God, would he spend the whole night turning down girls? What he WANTED was to spend the night with Jake... but doing so in a room full of girls and watching them hang on him... he wasn't an emotional masochist after all.

"'Course 'm drunk," Jake laughed. "What's the fun in not being drunk?" He blinked owlishly up at Rune where he kind of half-sat half-leaned next to him. His grip on Rune was platonic, if a little clingy. "Yeah, Rune, play with us," he wheedled as Rune politely declined. "You NEED some action, dude. I think even Khema gets more action than you, an' yer prettier," he laughed jovially, leaning the other way, hard on Khema's shoulder.

Rune flushed and suddenly couldn't be there, not with everyone sitting there looking at them and Jake leaning on him and telling him he was pretty... He bowed out from under Jake's arm and walked backwards out of the room. "No, no, thanks, it's okay, I'll just, uh, go..." he stammered, and made his escape. People, couples, heterosexuality EVERYWHERE and Rune couldn't escape the taunting, that his sexuality was wrong and he'd never have the boy he wanted... he dived for the refuge of the soothingly dark and empty master bedroom, half closing the door behind him. He retreated to the corner and slid down the wall, head in his hands as he tried to calm down, and not cry from drunken frustration.

Jake blinked, staring where Rune had just been, not a moment ago. 'What the hell...?' He'd noticed a strange tension between them for awhile now, but chalked it up to his sudden influx of popularity and how'd they'd maybe matured differently over the years. Hearing his name called, he shrugged and got back into the game.

Khema watched Jake, an annoyed look on his normally pleasant face. Eyebrows furrowed, he leaned down to talk into Jake's ear privately. "I think something's up with Rune, man." He was no stranger to Rune's feelings for Jake, it was written plain as day on his features every time the pair were in the same room. "Maybe you should go talk to him? I dunno, get him to join the party again or something." He nudged him in the shoulder for good measure.

Jake grunted, at first not paying attention. Rose had just gotten Phil as her kissing partner and was balking at the idea of kissing him. It was hilarious. Khema was insistent at his ear, however, and finally he turned to him. "Alright!" he hissed, getting up unsteadily. "Jesus, you freaking mother hen!"

Dusting off his pants, Jake made his way down the hall, wondering where Rune could have gone. He didn't have to go far, however, spying a small figure huddled against the wall in a darkened bedroom.

"Rune?" Knocking lightly on the door, he pushed it open. "Hey, man, come back with us. Khema's all, about to castrate me if I don't bring you back, pronto." He leaned down at the knees in front of Rune, hands on his knees. "You okay, dude?"

Rune lifted his head and stared back at Jake, both pairs of eyes the colour of sky, but Jake's the pale licking blue of summer dawns and Rune's the dark grey threat of a storm. It hurt just looking at him. Rune didn't know when his friendship had turned into love, but there it was, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

He'd accepted he was a fag at around the time other boys were slavering over girls and all he could do was watch them watch, and he'd checked them out quietly, approvingly, but Jake was his first crush. And a better word was never matched for the feeling of it. And God... he could never tell him. It was doomed from the beginning. It made him want to break his chest open and punch his heart out.

He pressed the base of his palms into his eyes to stop from crying in front of the jock. "No." He said shortly. Oh, now why the hell did he have to say that for? He couldn't stop the hiccuped sob that escaped, but clamped his mouth shut to stop any more.

Jake, confused, shifted to sit next to Rune against the wall. He laid a meaty hand on his shoulder, concerned. "Well, then what's up? You don't seem okay." Jake was far too gone to be any more articulate than that.

Jake was so near... Rune restrained himself from professing love and his body thrummed with the force of will it took to do that. He crossed his arms on top of his knees and hid his face in them, whimpering. "I can't tell you." He said, distressed because any longer and he would...

Jake drew nearer to hear Rune's mumbling through his knees. "Can't tell me?" he repeated, like an echo. His drunk mind tried to process what was going on, but was coming up blank. "Can't tell me what, Rune? Come on, you know you can always talk to me," he chided, sliding his hand across Rune's back until his arm was around his shoulders. He got a whiff of the boy's scent, musky and sweet like opium, and took a deep breath, not realizing how near he was to the side of Rune's face. Just a handsbreadth apart.

Jake's arm around his shoulders and the sheer presence of the other boy so close was almost too much for Rune to take. He turned to face Jake, to tell him he was actually okay, that he could leave Rune there to cry alone and wander home, but Jake's face was so close... so near. Before he knew what he was doing he'd slipped his tiny hand up to cup the side of Jake's face and tilt his head just so and kiss him softly on the mouth. And it was.... Like falling apart and coming together in a different, better life than before. But that feeling only lasted until he realised, he was kissing Jake, the typical straight jock, and he cringed and pulled back, breaking out of Jake's hold, pressing back into the wall. "I'm sorry!" He cried. "I'm just, just... I just..."

Jake blinked, and giggled. "Hey, come back," he laughed, pulling Rune back under his arm. He was so gone by this point everything was hilarious. "Ha ha, you, ha ha, you kissed me!" he exclaimed, incredulous but not angry. The implications had yet to register in his fogged-out head. "Why'ja do somethin' like that?"

Rune went compliant and let himself be pulled back into Jake, covering his face with his hands. Jake laughing at him hurt the most of all and he nearly couldn't speak through it. "Because..." He eventually managed. "I love you."

Jake's smile faded slowly as the words finally got through to him. "You... huh? What do you mean you love me? I'm like, a dude. And YOU'RE a dude." It just wasn't computing in his head. "Are you gay or something? I mean, that's totally cool and all," Jake held up his hands in surrender, which in turn meant his arm slipped from Rune's shoulders. "I mean, I don't wanna offend anyone, it's whatever." He was having a hard time not tripping over his own words, and stopped, abruptly, as if someone turned a switch, his bright eyes intent on Rune. "So, you like, have a crush on me or something?" He couldn't help the goofy grin on his face. Hey, he was flattered, even if it wasn't a chick.

Rune dropped his hands, now anxiously curling a lock of hair round his finger and chewing on his lip. "I dunno if I'm gay..." He said. Was he Jake-sexual or homosexual? He couldn't tell the difference. When Jake asked him about his crush, grinning at him, he saw red. "It's not FUNNY, Jake." He spat angrily. "My feelings aren't funny. It's not a crush, I fucking love you, you asshole. For so long now and I couldn't tell you and now I have and I know nothing will ever happen between us, so don't you dare fucking grin at me about it."

Jake couldn't help it-- Rune was just so damn cute when he was angry! He laughed loudly, more like a guffaw, as he unconsciously wound his arm around Rune again. Rune fit like a girl against his side, confusing him. He pulled them closer together, liking the way Rune felt at his side, under his arm, like a puzzle piece. It wasn't an exact fit, but it was good enough, and before he knew what he was doing, Jake tipped Rune's face up at him. "You're so cute," he murmured, eyes crinkling, as he lowered his own head and kissed Rune back.

Rune was ready to haul back and hit Jake with all his pathetic non-weight behind the punch, until he kissed him. He couldn't stay angry, this is what he'd been waiting for his whole life... he made a contented moan sound, very tiny, and kissed Jake back, holding onto his muscled arm, amazed that this was happening.

Something inside of Jake sparked at the tiny, helpless moan coming from Rune's mouth. In his drunken state, all he registered was that he was kissing, and being kissed back, and he liked it-- a lot. Grabbing Rune's upper arms, he hauled him-- fairly easy considering his strength and Rune's lack of size-- onto his lap, making Rune straddle him. The kiss never once broke.

Rune gasped when Jake pulled him up onto his lap and he felt his crush's hardness under his. He rubbed down and against it, moaning like liquid mercury dropping off a spoon at the never felt before feelings. The kiss was incredible, eating away everything bad he'd been feeling like some kind of caustic acid. He carded his hands through Jake's sandy hair and anchored them there, massaging with his fingertips gently.

Jake let himself be petted, wallowing in the sensations. God, but this felt good. So the curves were... not really curves, and the boobs were nonexistent. It was still hot, and all of the inhibitions he would have had normally were just plain not there tonight. He pried open Rune's mouth and plunged his tongue inside, thoroughly frenching the small boy on his lap. He groaned as Rune shifted on his lap, eyes opening only halfway. Fuck, but this was HOT.

It wasn't his first kiss, but no one had ever frenched him with this much intensity before, with this level of desire for him. Feeling bold, he slowly slid one hand out of Jake's hair, and down slowly, coming between them and dropping to hesitantly rub over the growing bulge in Jake's trousers. Hot hard, erotic and terrifying.

Jake groaned, his brain-- somehow-- computing through the alcoholic fog. He caught Rune's wrist and held it, not away from him but not allowing Rune to rub anymore. "Rune," he gasped out as he broke the kiss, "Rune, what are you doing?"

Rune froze, shaking from nerves and tension and lust. "I-I'm sorry... I just wanna make you feel good..." He stammered. He looked away, embarrassed. "I'm sorry..." he said again. He felt so young, inexperienced and not sexy at all. Just like the dumb kid he was, crushing on his older best friend. Two years made a lot of difference.Jake blinked at Rune, slowly. "Make me feel good?" He smirked. "Then come back here," he said, pressing Rune more firmly against him. "I guess... I could go for feeling good right about now," he said, lust overriding any thoughts he might have had on the matter.

Rune could have died at the acceptance. Died that Jake DID want him after all. He dived back into the previous kiss, kissing hard and hot and hungry, but still oddly unsure and submissive. He was trembling like he had a chill, humming his pleasure at being allowed to make Jake feel good... that HE could do something like that for this boy... he reached his hand back down and rubbed more firmly along the shape of the length he felt there.

Jake moaned, more than happy to let Rune lead this... thing, whatever it was, at least for now. He had an itch to grab those small shoulders and force them down, to lay between those legs and grind his erection into Rune. His hands laid on Rune's hips, fingers toying with the waistband to his pants, thumbs running just underneath to stroke the smooth skin there. Suddenly, he wanted the least amount of clothing between them, and leaned back to take his own shirt off before capturing Rune's mouth again.

Khema watched from the doorway silently, leaning against the frame. The darkness hid him from the pair across the room, but he doubted either would have noticed anyway. A frown marred his face as he watched the make-out session. It looked like Rune was getting his greatest wish after all. 'You better not hurt him, Healy,' he thought as he closed the door silently behind him, giving them their privacy. 'Or you won't like me in the morning.'

Rune was oblivious to the door closing behind them, taken over by the bare skin of Jake's chest. He pulled back, moving down Jake a little to kiss at the newly exposed skin, sucking on his nipples gently, laving his tongue over muscles and sucking on Jake's collarbone, his hand rubbing harder and faster all the while, the other one coming down to undo his trousers, trying to wiggle out of them without his mouth leaving Jake's chest.

The feel of Rune's mouth all over his chest was amazing. No girl had ever paid such attention to his skin before. Guess it took a guy to know what really turned on another guy. His hands were back to Rune's waist, pushing his shirt up enough so he could help Rune with his pants, popping open the button and sliding them down. "Maybe we should move this somewhere more comfortable," Jake thought aloud, the wall suddenly not all that fun pressed against his muscular back.

Rune planted a kiss on Jake's chest and looked up, removing his hand from Jake's crotch as well. His eyes were dilated and he was panting from lack of breath. "Jake..." He asked suddenly. "What do you wanna do with me? Cause... I'm willing to go as far as you need me to."

Jake shrugged, more intent on two things: One, trying to catch Rune's mouth with his own again, and Two, getting Rune to move over onto the bed so they could stretch out. Hot as everything was, he knew, guy or girl, it would just get hotter with more room. "I dunno," he said, grinning, "like I've ever done anything like this before? Fuck, let's just wing it."

Rune laughed at Jake's carefree attitude and stood up, moving to stand with his back to the bed, backing up til he felt the mattress behind him and fell backwards onto it, giggling as he bounced a little. He held out his hand in invitation for Jake to join him, gazing at him sultrily.

Jake launched himself, in typical jock mode, onto the mattress next to Rune, making him bounce heartily. Pulling Rune's shirt off, he quickly scrambled on top, covering Rune's body as his tongue ran over his lips and plunged back inside. If he'd been any more aware, he would have realized that he was purring.

Rune laughed aloud as Jake's body landing next to him nearly sent him flying, but it broke off into a slight shriek as Jake divested him of his shirt. His giggles melted into those little moans he made as Rune kissed him heartily, and he smiled as he heard the other man purring. He ran his hands down Jake's back and slid his thumbs under Jake's waistband, tugging them down a little.

Jake got the hint, pausing from his licking of Rune's neck to raise up on his knees. He unbuttoned them so fast, he lost his balance and nearly pitched backward, his grip on Rune's knee just preventing him. He laughed, loud and braying, at what he thought was something hilariously funny, chuckles still trailing from his lips as he bent back over Rune, scooping him and rolling until his was flat on his back, Rune lying atop. "Make me feel good," he commanded, grinning.

Rune smiled til he thought his face would break at Jake mucking around. Being put on top and told to make Jake feel good was a little daunting, but nothing Rune thought he couldn't handle. He went to work, kissing Jake firmly while his hand roamed down across the chest he'd recently paid homage to with his mouth. He gently tweaked first one nipple then the other, then kissed down Jake's neck, his hands staying where they were. He kissed down the middle of the boy's chest, alternatively biting softly, licking the skin with little feathery licks. He left his hands on Jake's pecs as he slid lower, coming ever nearer to Jake's dick. He pulled back and stared at the thing warily, his first ever close up look at another boy's dick. It was bigger than his... he was suddenly nervous. Licking his lips he looked uncertainly back up at Jake. Was he even doing the right thing here?

Jake watched through heavy-lidded eyes, his hands coming up to lace in Rune's pretty brown curls as he hesitated. "Don't stop," he said softly, throatily. "Don't stop." He'd never really thought of Rune as pretty until he saw the way his face looked, poised before his cock. The image alone was making him entirely too comfortable for his liking. Pressing insistently on the back of Rune's head, he pleaded again, "don't stop."

Jake's insistent hands and his softly spoken words helped Rune relax. He'd do anything for Jake. Quashing the little quell of fear inside him, Rune swallowed and tentatively licked up the underside of Jake's cock, then around the head, gingerly enveloping it in his mouth. Okay, this wasn't too bad.

Jake rolled his head back, moaning hard and loud. "Yeah, fuck, so good." His fingers became more pressing as Rune experimented, trying to manipulate his mouth to do more of what Jake wanted. "C'mon, take it in, baby, yeah, all in. Suck on it, baby, you know what to do. Fuck, that's good."

Jake's encouragement spurred Rune on to try better, and he cautiously swallowed, taking the thing deeper. He thought about pulling his head back for a second, but Jake's fingers in his hair directing him didn't want him to do that, so he breathed through his nose and concentrated on Jake's panted instructions. He could hardly believe that he was making Jake feel this good. His hands were resting on Jake's stomach and he rubbed the skin there gently as he continued sucking, running his tongue round the dick in his mouth.

"Fuck, baby, YES, oh, yes," Jake was babbling, the suction of Rune's mouth nice and hot around his stiff cock. It wasn't the best blowjob he'd ever had, but for (he thought) an amateur Rune was damn near awesome. His fingers dug into Rune's skull as his hips lifted, fucking his mouth with a slow intensity. "Shit, you're gonna make me come."

Rune had nearly taken Jake all the way down. With Jake's hips lifting like that, he fought not to gag, but soon found how he could do this without choking to death. Hearing what Jake was saying and having his crush in his mouth like this, so pleased with him... he moaned around Jake's cock in his mouth and then swallowed it down to the base.

"FUCK!" Jake shot up almost double, the vibrations from Rune's throat sending him over the edge. "Oh, fuck, baby, I'm coming! I'm coming!" He held the back of Rune's neck as he shot deep inside his mouth. Collapsing back onto the bed, Jake heaved, spent.

Rune swallowed as much as he could, slightly surprised, but doing well for his first blowjob. He pulled back when Jake let go of his neck and coughed, moving his slightly aching jaw round a little. He licked his lips and tasted someone else's come for the first time. No, not someone's, but Jake's... he tasted Jake in his mouth. He grinned at the thought, and crawled back up on top of Jake, sitting up high, rubbing his own hardon lazily into Jake's hip as he licked at Jake's mouth. "Did I make you feel good?" He asked teasingly.

Jake opened his eyes slowly, content to just lay there and bask in the afterglow of one hot fucking blowjob. He had no words, so just nodded slowly.

It didn't seem like Jake wanted to reciprocate. Rune moved over to the side a bit, throwing a leg over Jake's hip, under his spent cock and almost shyly wrapped his hand round his own dick, kissing Jake wherever he could as he started to jack off, faint noises escaping his lips whenever he lifted them off Jake's chest. He was beginning to wonder if he had some kind of fetish... "God Jake... I love you..." he said, semi-incoherent, muffled in the jock's skin.

Jake felt his cock stir as Rune worked his mouth around his chest. "What're you doing...?" he asked slowly, catching Rune's chin in his hand. His bleary eyes caught the sight of Rune's hand working his own cock, and his mouth parted involuntarily. His own dick was springing back to life, slow but sure. He rose up and kissed Rune sloppily, his hand closing around Rune's fist.

Rune whimpered into Jake's mouth as the jock's hand enveloped his own. He bucked his hips up into their combined fists, his other hand gripping the bedsheet under them. He felt Jake's growing arousal against his leg, and rubbed it up and down slowly against it.

Jake slid his tongue into Rune's mouth again, like a snake entering a hole. He'd never before gotten so turned on in such a short time after blowing a load, but damn if that mouth wasn't the product of his undoing. Rune's body against the tip of him made him groan gutturally, mouth mashed to his as it was.

Rune loved the way Jake kissed him, like he wanted to eat him whole. When Jake groaned he felt the vibrations in the chest under him and moaned a little back, moving his leg more insistently against Jake's cock, their combined hands moving faster on his own dick.

Jake moved fitfully, wanting more than what he was getting. "Want... ugh... want..." He couldn't quite voice what exactly he wanted, and fought for words. "Want... you..."

"Oh God..." Rune moaned loudly, hearing that... it felt like his heart was breaking, but backwards. Inverted. "Yes, Jake, I've been yours to take for so long, you can have me..." He babbled. He pulled himself up to sit astride Jake's legs, seated under his erection, and rubbed into him, leaning down and kissing him hungrily.

Jake had no idea how to respond to the words trickling out of Rune's lips, just that he wanted them to stop. Lurching forward, he met the boy halfway and covered his mouth with his own quickly, silencing him. The friction was good, yes, but he wanted more. "More," he grunted before he even had a chance to think about it. His hands pushed on Rune's shoulders, grinding them more heavily against each other. "Fuck, God, more, more," he moaned, bucking.

Rune loved the pressure of Jake's hands pushing him down, like he was trying to meld them together, but he was right. They needed more, closer, together... He was scared but he loved and trusted Jake. "Jake..." he said, before kissing the other boy messily. "Jake, you can fuck me." he said, his voice shaking over what he was saying. But there was no doubt that he meant it.

Jake groaned into Rune's mouth. "Fuck, yes, fuck... I wanna fuck you, baby." He reached down and squeezed Rune's buttocks harshly. "Yeah, fuck me, baby," he repeated mindlessly, rubbing even more insistently against Rune's groin. The feel was all wrong, but enticing nonetheless, and he'd be damned if he was going to stop now, after going so far. "Fuck, let's fuck, baby, c'mon..."

Rune squeaked when Jake grabbed his ass, the rubbing getting harder, he panted in little breaths, closing his eyes and shuddering as Jake's words hit his libido like a tuning fork. He vaguely knew how to do this. He knew what went where... and he was vaguely in the right place to do it... "Jake... okay just... hold still a sec..." he asked, then carefully reached under himself, lifted a little... positioned Jake's cock under him and tried to sink down on it, missed twice but managed to align it properly on the third. Biting his lip he eased down a little...

Jake held Rune up by his waist, helping to support his weight. He wasn't EXACTLY sure what was going on, but when the head of his cock met the resisting ring of muscle around Rune's opening, he cursed and bucked involuntarily. Fuck, but that felt good.

It had felt weird, but he was doing okay up until Jake had bucked up into him. A burning stinging shot up through his centre and he cried out, "Stop, Stop!" nearly screamed, partly in pain partly in shock that there WAS pain. His body clamped down hard on Jake and he nearly bit through his own lip, his whole being just freezing, his nails digging into Jake's shoulder where his hand was resting.

Jake slumped back. "What, what?!" His eyes were wide, concern shoving the drunken haze away for just a moment. "You okay, man?"

Whimpering in pain, Rune pulled off Jake and collapsed beside him, curling up. "Ow, it hurt... I didn't know it was supposed to hurt..." He shuddered, trying to recompose himself.

Jake jumped off the bed as if stung. "Dude, are you alright? Do you need anything?" He began pulling open the drawers to the bedside table, rifling through them desperately, pulling out random things. "Do you need uh..." he squinted at the label to the bottle he was holding, "hand cream? What the hell?"

Rune remembered something from Sex Ed, how girls kinda naturally made lube so that entry wasn't dry and painful (he'd TRIED to forget about it, but damnit, it just wouldn't leave his head) or something like that, and then realised, like a cloud suddenly becoming a face or a boat, how to make it not hurt. "Wait..." He sat up. "Pass me that... come back here..."

Jake looked over at Rune, confused. "This?" He waved the lotion at Rune as he crossed back over to him on his knees.

"Yes..." Rune took the lotion from Jake and uncapped it, squeezing some out into his hand. "Lube." He said, grinning at Jake, and waving the tube. "Lie down baby." He said, reaching forward and taking Jake's cock in his lubed-up hand.

Jake asked no further questions, his mind gone the moment Rune's hand covered his cock. He bucked up into his fist, hissing out appreciatively, head back and arms and legs splayed.

Rune kept one hand on Jake's cock while he reached his other hand under him and gingerly felt around the previously abused area. He tested with a lotioned finger and it felt much better than Jake's cock suddenly pushing into him. He reached over, still distracting Jake with his hand on his cock, and grabbed the lotion tube, bringing it round and then awkwardly just squeezing the stuff into himself a lot of it ending up down the back of his thigh and on the bedspread. He massaged it in a little, then spoke. "Ready?"

Jake gripped Rune's hips, squeezing a little in response. "Fuck, I've been ready. Let's do this."

Rune hmmm'd the affirmative and then once again positioned himself, trying only twice this time before he felt Jake's cock at his hole. Looking back at Jake for reassurance, he once again lowered down... he bit his lip, cause it hurt a lot, but still, the going was easier.

Jake stopped himself from shoving his way completely inside of Rune, but only just. His grip on Rune's hips was becoming increasingly more forceful, and soon he was shoving Rune onto his cock faster than was probably good for the boy. When he was fully inside, Rune's muscles clamping around him, did Jake let out one single, long moan. God, but he was tight...

It hurt so badly Rune almost asked Jake to stop, but seeing the concentration on Jake's face, and knowing he'd asked Jake for this and that Jake was doing this for him, he gritted his teeth and thought through it. When he'd finally bottomed out he sighed as his body relaxed around the intrusion. He had his arms round Jake's shoulders, his head pressed into Jake's neck, and he turned his head to speak into his ear. "You just took my virginity." like it was a present to Jake. This was how much he loved him.

Jake smirked. "Like you're the first." His hands were demanding on Rune's sides, again, as he moved underneath him, sliding back out and slamming back in. "Fuck..." he hissed, eyes closing. He did it again, and the cursing was louder. "You're so fucking tight," he moaned.

That and the smirk stung something deeper inside Rune than Jake's cock was getting and he wondered what Jake meant by it, until he was lifted up and then slammed back down. "Ow shit, Jake..." he hissed, but Jake did it again, cussing all the time. "Jake..." He was about to ask him to stop when one of Jake's thrusts hit something inside him and his back arched as he moaned hard. "Ooooh my goood.... Jake, again... oh please, again, again..."

"Ugh... I need it harder... fuck, you're good, baby but I need..." Jake reached up, kissing Rune sloppily before rolling them over, keeping their bodies joined. He grinned wickedly down at Rune before thrusting deeper inside of him. "Oh, FUCK, yeah..."

Rune felt the world spin as Jake flipped them and now he was being rutted into hard but God did it feel good. Rune moaned near continuously, Jake's thrusts punctuating gasps out of him as they shifted on the bed, the bedsheets rucking up under them. Rune fisted the sheet beside his head in his hand and threw his head back. "Oh Jake, yes, take whatever you want from, take it, please, take me..."

"I'll take you," Jake said, his voice becoming harsher as he neared orgasm. His thrusts were edging on brutal, the bed rocking with his movements. He held Rune's shoulders down into the bed, the rapid movement of his hips unrelenting. "I'll have you, I'll fuck you good, fucking like that? Huh?"

Rune was reduced to whimpers, tiny high cries torn from this throat, his body burning. "God yes..." he gasped out to Jake's words. "Yes, yes, oh, fuck my brains out Jake, yes, anything for you, anything..." His mind was edging on depraved, gone in giving himself to someone so totally.

Jake clenched his hands around Rune, his hips snapping as fast as they could go. "I'm gonna fucking come..." he ground out in one long moan. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna come all inside you." To say he liked hearing himself talk during sex was an understatement.

Jake's snapping hips made his dick hit Rune's prostate hard on each snap and with a stream of sharp cries as Jake fucked him Rune came, clamping down hard on Jake's cock inside him and wailing his name in long jerky syllables.

Jake couldn't stop. He was so far over the edge he was kissing the sky. He buried his head in Rune's neck, their sweat intermingling as he heard-- and felt-- Rune come. His name was sharp against his ears, like knives, the throat that screamed it held the wrong voice, an octave too low. Suddenly, like a cloudburst, he came, shouting out a nothing word, shooting deep inside a person he'd never once thought of sexually before.

Rune felt Jake come inside him as his quivering muscles tingled and he held him close as they both came down, breathing hard and sweat soaked. He weakly kissed Jake's head and rubbed a hand up his side soothingly. He couldn't speak.

Jake collapsed with no thought to the body beneath him. He was well and truly spent. Rolling off to the side, he batted his hand away lethargically and turned his back to Rune, falling into a desperate, drunk slumber almost immediately.

Rune subconsciously felt sick in the pit of his stomach, but consciously didn't feel it through the pain inside him. It had been good, yes, but damn had it hurt. At least he had Jake now to make up for it. Turning to spoon Jake, he placed a chaste kiss between the slumbering boy's shoulder blades. "Love you." He said quietly, so as not to wake Jake, and then he too followed the jock into sleep.