You sit me in a chair

I'm the middle of the room

You sit down right across from me

And ask me who I am

I give you a funny look

And cock my head to a side

And you continue to sit there

Staring me in the eye

I open my mouth and out comes a sound

That apparently is my name

For you seem satisfied with my answer

And continue on your way

You ask me how my day was

Yet I'm sure you don't care

You're looking at me like I'm nothing

Like I'm made of thin air

I open my mouth again

And say something I think is 'fine'

You give me another look

As if what I said was a lie

Then you get sick of pussyfooting

Of beating around the bush

You really look at me and ask

"Why do you cut yourself?"

I must admit I'm a little surprised

Are you sick of me so soon?

Does my presence demean you?

Do you want me to leave the room?

I shrug nonchalantly

This seems to annoy you more

You let out a frustrated sigh

And just stare at the floor

"Why do you cut yourself?"

You ask again to me

As if ill answer if you ask repeatedly

"It feels good" I answer softly

Staring you back in the eye

As you tries to find out why

Why I am the way I am

Why I do things I do

"You think this is funny do you?"

"No" I answer back

"Why would this be funny to me?

I don't know what you mean?"

I'm taunting you now and you know it

And this pisses you off more

With a growl of anger

You drop your clop bored to the floor

"You're a deranged little fucker!"

You spit at me

"And your point is?"

I ask sweetly

You stand from your chair and approach me

Grab the choler of my shirt violently

And pull me towards your face

With eyes filled with distain

"So you wanna kill yourself, huh?"

You're playing my game now

You think you're so cute

When your just getting screwed

"Sometimes" I hiss

"Like when?" You ask me

Treading dangerously

"Like now"

"Why?" My neck hurts

And my back is strained

Your nails are digging into me

"Because I need to bleed"

"There are people that love you"

"Well that's there mistake"

"They care for you"

"It's all fake"

You slap me across the face

And I fall to the floor in surprise

The blood on my lips

Taste like paradise

"You're a cowered"

This sets me off

Call me anything you want

But afraid I am not

"You know nothing!"

I scream at you as loud as I can

"Not of this pain!"

There are tears running down my face

"COWERED!" You scream at me

"Stop it, leave me alone!"

"You are alone"

I'm sorry…

Dedicated to those that only wish to help and love those who need them.