The Second Face of Love

"I love him with all my heart, we'll be together forever." You're stupid

Shoot you with the arrow of love, twist it, and rip it out. Angry Cupid

But, you're so happy, there's finally no more pain

You make me sick! Poison pumps through veins. Can't you see your heart's playing a game?

Picked you up, dusted you off, gave you a shy little kiss

Now, he's fucking you rough and you're his French maid bitch

Angry acupuncture, blood leaking from needle points, final heart beat

Shitty eyes, bound and fucked, body made of blood red meat

Writing scrawled across the wall, tears dripping down to your knees

Can't escape! No way out! Fuck! He's coming back! Gotta break free!

Can't! No, I'm scared! He'll come back again. Revenge. You'll suffer even more

Hide and hope he'll go away but he won't. Grabs your hair, throws you to the floor

This is evolution. Revolution. Mental Pollution

Bitter love. Tender hate. Happy tears. This is finality. Your absolution

You're going to suffer, no longer any way out

Submissive. Torture. Your all-consuming master. This is what love's all about

"He told me he loved me. He said today wouldn't be as bad." You're stupid

He'll come back and fuck you up again. Laughing Cupid.