I Dare You.

How can you say this earth does not matter? How can you show such disregard? How can you look down upon me when you haven't seen it as I have? You have no right to say this. Not until you've seen all that I have seen.

Once you've slept on sand of the finest grain. Once you've built a fire without gasoline and plywood. Once you've hiked seven miles to find paradise, and when you get there, realize that it's better than you imagined. Once you've seen a sunset with every hue of the rainbow. Once you've gone out in the rain, just to get wet. Once you've snuck out, just to look at the moon. Once you've seen a heron glide into waters as blue as its wings. Once you've dug for dinosaur bones in your own back yard. Once you've floated down a river, just to struggle back up it. Once you've gazed upon the stars, pure, without a street lamp to poison them. Once you've planted sunflowers, just to get the seeds. Once you've fallen out of a tree and skinned both your knees. Once you've made a mud-pie, with grasses, roots, and leaves. Once you've made a castle out of the purest, silver snow. Once you've watched the morning mist ghost along the glass-likeriver surface. Once you've climbed a pine tree, and looked out from the very top. Once you've smelled a rainstorm, only moments before it comes. Once you make a play fort in the forest among the trees. Once you've carved your name into a fallen log along the lakeshore. Once you've seen the mountains, their tops shrouded with clouds filled with snow. Once you've taken a bath, using sand as your exfoliating soap. Once you've fallen asleep to the lullaby of crickets and loons. Once you've reached for the stars, and almost felt like you could get there . . . Just try to tell me this world is ugly. Just try to tell me it isn't worth dying for. Just try it.

I dare you.