Sitting on the bus

Fun and games

Staring out the window

Waiting for my stop.

The game heats up

We're thrown around the bus

Jump from seat to seat

A game of childish joy.

I dashed from seat to seat

Laughing my youthful naïve laugh

I giggled and then stopped on the prowl

There you were

My first glimpse of love.

At the time, I was clueless.

I saw your dark hair

Hanging down into your face

Your dark eyes

Your light skin

Mentally noted that you were as tall as me.

And from then on, you were my pal

My buddy. My teddy bear. My Tyler.

I can't describe how I feel

All I know is that I miss you

I still say you give the best hugs

I still say you're my Tyler...

I still bite my lip and think of you when I'm down.

Only now it's different.

I'm not there anymore.

I've moved on to another school

Another time

Another day

And I miss it so much.

I miss your voice

Your hug

Your sarcastic remark...

Even to this day, your voice plays

Always on repeat in my mind.

I've saved in my mind

That time in January when you

Could use my shoulder as an armrest...

No longer are you as tall as me.

Even so, you're still my teddy bear; still my Tyler.

The words I miss most out of your smiling face

Your deep brown eyes

Your soft sarcastic voice

Whispering from afar

As you play that snare for your life...

"I love you."