"The Survivors"

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After days of looking I have found what was left of the records I think that the might hold the answers I need to find out how was the expermint was conducted then if Iam Lucky I might find a way to reverse this. As a fromer scientist I must consider all possiblity's.

My biggest problem right now is trying to get through Katie it's in her possession.

She thinks those records can help her destroy James. She hates James.

(Everyone hates James can you blame them he throws...lets just say stuff at everyone!)

"Yes I will get James with these!" She holds records up in the air. "Come my monkey nijas ATTACK!!"

'Thats just creepy.' I thought to myself.

I ran up to Katie I stop her by saying..."What monkey nijas?"

Katie looks around starts to panic.."Were are my monkey nijas...How am I going to get James now without my monkey nijas." She whined.

"I gotta find my monkey nijas."

She kept on yelling for her monkey nijas I shut her up by saying "I'll give you the ultimate weapon."

So I told her... she gives me records.

"Well Iam off to netuter James." Katie said while running with a knife in her hand.

To be contiued...

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