You dumb, dumb, ignorant, incompetent, selfish, foolish people,

Do you think you are saved because you know how to walk into a building with a cross and a steeple?

You think you've got it easy, you think you've got it made,

You think, "I don't have to work anymore because by the blood of Jesus I've been saved!"

Well I got news for you buster,

It's gonna get a whole lot tougher.

Sure you read the Bible, maybe you even pray,

But it takes a little more than that to make it in this day,

It takes some genuine thought, some authentic true action,

Some attention some reflection,

Some consideration, and deliberation,

Some thought and concentration and honest spiritual interaction.

You know the rhetorical idiocy that society has to offer,

It's great a cushy and a heck of a lot softer,

But you don't finish the assignment, you can't think for yourselves,

You think, "Hooray I'm on a roll, God's word is packed away on my shelves!

I don't have to read it, I already know what it says,

Love your neighbor, do not steal, gossip is bad,

I don't have to worry, I won't do any of these things, unless…

I can work my way out of sin with a tricky reshuffling of words,

You psychotic self-righteous nerds,

You can spit out some nice sounding garble,

And come across moral and right,

You can seem pure and holy and made out of marble,

But the truth is, you can't see the light.

You turned into judgmental opinionated jerks,

That walk around pointing fingers every day,

You try to show those you GOSSIP about the HOLY way,

And you think you're better than them so I'm here to say,



Love your neighbor, this is true,

But maybe if you read the Bible through and through,

You would know that loving them doesn't mean let them walk all over you.

Turn the other cheek, this is right,

But maybe if you read your Bible every night,

You would know that this doesn't meaning IGNORING that they may be abusing the light!

It doesn't mean forget they ever did anything wrong,

If someone abuses you and you know the truths,

Why wouldn't you let them in on it, let God's word go to some good use!

What about the verses that say "don't LET others judge you!" (Colossians Two-Sixteen)

It says, stand up for yourself, don't LET them be queen!

What about Proverbs Three Twenty-One?

How do you say, "Forget all wrongs" to that one?

"Preserve sound judgment and discernment… they will be LIFE for you,"

And what about the book of Second Timothy, verse one, chapter two.

While you're there, check out Chapter one verse seven.

Maybe then you'll get heaven.

Second Timothy is such a great book, read all of Chapter three!

Perhaps then you'll see.

You psycho Christians should be locked up in loony bins,

Thinking Jesus said we can only eat carrots and wheat thins,

That everyone but you is going to Hell because of their sins,

Well I'm comforted to know that people like you never win.


Don't just go halfway,

And don't use it to point fingers today.

Instead of regurgitating some illustrious prose,

(That stuff from the Bible that everyone knows)

Why don't you read for your OWN good,

Assuming you even know how to read,

I bet you'll find out some pretty cool stuff, at least you should,

Work a little harder so God can plant a seed.

It must be hard to be so FAKE all the time,

Well there's an easier way, one where you don't have to rhyme!

It's a little secret recipe and this is how it goes:

A dash of acceptance, and some willingness cloves,

All it takes is a bit more effort on your part,

And God can take away the idiocy and give you a heart.