His Side:

It was a rather slow day at work. It wasn't that I didn't have anything to do, but it just seemed really slow, until I glanced over towards the window. That's when I saw her. She looked so sad, like her whole world was crumbling around her. So sad, yet, there was something fascinating about the way she looked, but yet, seemed so mysterious.

As far as I could tell, she was Asian. Chinese maybe? Or even Japanese. I couldn't figure it out. I like her hair though. It's long and red, but yet, it looks rather good on her. She must like black, because everything that she's wearing is black, even her makeup. Wow! Her eyes are beautiful. They're just the perfect shade of green. Yeah, right. I must be dreaming if I think that I might even have a chance of surviving in her world.

What's wrong with me? I don't ever remember feeling like this before. Should I even attempt to talk to her? What would I say to her? If only I could just talk to her. Ouch. Note to self: Don't hit your head on glass windows. Huh? I think I got her attention though, because she's looking my way. Um, hi? Like she can hear me though the glass. To think that all that's between us is just a glass window…

It seemed like time had stopped, or at least it did to me. Our eyes met, our hands touched, well, through a glass window none the less, but still, it did seem a bit romantic. And there she goes. I swear I felt my heard skip a beat, although it's probably my imagination. I'm such a hopeless romantic. But yet, all I could think about was how beautiful that girl was…

Her Side:

The Mall. Several dozen people running around like rats in a maze. I never found anything here that interested me other than the fact that I could get clothing, music, books, makeup and food here. Social interaction was never a concern for me, because I keep a small group of close friends, and that's all that I've ever really needed.

I know my friends work here, but every time we come here, everything bores me to no end. So many people… Kind of makes me wonder. I wonder what people think of when they think of pleasure? Is it a pleasure or a need to trade paper for items I wonder? But, I shouldn't talk. I do the same thing when I want things. It doesn't matter to me. It still makes me curious though.

Hmm? Not another one. Everyone always stares at me. Is it the black makeup? My black dress? Get used to it people. I don't really care what people think of me. Hmm? What's with him? Does he always bang his head against glass windows? Baka. I don't think you'd be able to reach me through the glass. I guess he's kind of cute though. I'm sure my friends would like him.

Those eyes… I like his eyes. Blue was never my favorite color, but his eyes, they're different somehow. It's almost like they're cobalt or something. Of course, his hair needs work. It's a dark brown, but it should be a different color, maybe red or something. Hmm? Time to go? Finally. I don't think I could stand being here any longer. But yet, something about those eyes. And why do I feel empty all of the sudden?


It started off as a pretty calm day, a slight breeze blowing gently through the air, cooling it down, but yet keeping it warm enough to want to stay out of the sun. In the local mall, thousands of people did just that, some for more than that one reason. One such person was Maxwell Sterling, or Max as people called him. Max worked in the mall at it's electronics store, as it's resident computer and video game expert.

Max was a bit of a dreamer, mixed in with a bit of hopeless romantic, along with a heart of gold. Max considered himself a bit of a nerd, always with his head in a book, or reading some sort of a magazine. Max sat around at the food court, sipping an iced coffee occasionally, while people went about their business. Max didn't have too many friends, other than the people he worked with, and also didn't have much luck with girls, although that was about to change soon.

Without looking away from his magazine, Max reached over for his iced coffee, and instead of finding a cold cup, he found a warm hand. Looking up quickly, Max was surprised to find the same girl who he was trying to talk to yesterday sitting right across from him. "Needs sugar." The girl said, and handed Max back his cup, now decorated with a mark of black lipstick. "You always hit your head on windows?" The girl asked, and Max blushed a bit, rubbing his head where he hit it yesterday.

"Look. About that…" Max started to say, before the girl stood up. She had on a elaborate looking babydoll costume, and started to twirl around slowly. "How do I look?" She asked Max, who started to blush. The dress itself seemed so dark to Max. Not because it was black with a white trim, but because of how the girl looked in it. The dress had allot of frills along the edges, and gave Max an almost "Gothic" feel to it. "You look beautiful." Max said softly. The girl was surprised at the rather embarrassed Max.

"That's an interesting statement. At least you didn't say cute. I hate being called cute." The girl said, and sat back down. Max wasn't sure of what to say, but he was glad that he didn't call her cute. "Hey! Mailee! We've been looking all over for you!" Max heard, and noticed two girls heading their way. "Your name is Mailee?" Max asked, and Mailee turned towards him. "What gave you that clue?" She asked, and Max tried to think of what to say.

Mailee was fascinated with how shy and skittish Max was around her, and "studied" him as she tied a long, black ribbon in her hair to make it a rather long ponytail. "Is something wrong?" Mailee asked Max, who watched her tying her ribbon. "Not really. I just thought it was hard to keep a ribbon in your hair like that." Max said, but Mailee just shrugged. "So I've been told." She told him.

"So. Here's where you vanished to." Max and Mailee heard, and turned their heads to see who it was. Standing next to Mailee were two girls, neither of which seemed to notice Max at first. "So. What's going on Mai?" The taller of the two girls asked. She was rather tall, almost amazon-like in stature, with long, auburn colored hair. She had strict, almost cold, black eyes, and seemed like the kind of person that wouldn't take anything from anyone. "Who's your friend?" The other girl asked.

Mailee turned towards Max, then looked back at her friends. "This is… What is your name anyway?" Mailee asked, and turned back towards him. Max flinched from the look that Mailee gave him. "Wait. I know you. You're Max right?" The taller of the girls asked, and Max nodded. "I thought so. Brad said that you were an expert with computers." She said, and Max nodded again. "Well, yeah." He said modestly.

"Think if I bring my laptop that you can take a look at it?" The girl asked, and Max nodded. "Sure. I'll take a look at it." He told her. "Oh. By the way, I'm Ellen. This here is Maya." She said, and motioned to the girl next to her. Max just smiled and waved. "Nice to meet you." Maya told him. Maya seemed to be about the same height as Mailee, but had long brown hair, and brown eyes. Max wondered if she went to the beach allot, because of the tan that she had.

"We still have plans to go to the movies right?" Maya asked, and looked towards Mailee. "Yes. Are you coming?" Mailee asked, then looked towards Max. "What? Me? I wish I could, but I have to get back to work. Thanks for the offer though." Max replied. Shrugging her shoulders, Mailee stood up, and started to walk away. "Your loss." Mailee told him. Max felt a bit strange, like he did something wrong. "She likes you. That's unusual for someone she just met." Ellen told Max.

Max blushed a bit, and wasn't sure of what to say. "I'll bring that computer by later." Ellen said, and left with Maya. Maya, who had a large grin on her face, walked next to Mailee, who seemed almost emotionless. "Seems to me that you like him." Maya said, and Mailee glared at her. "Baka." Mailee told her. Ellen just watched everything and laughed.