I'm keeping it simple

I'm keeping it real

No metaphors

No rhymes

Nothing more just the truth

You can see it right through me

So here goes

I want to stay right here

In the corner of my bed

Covered by the darkness of night

With a pillow beneath my head


It hurts so much

It won't stop

Tears falling from my eyes

But I don't want it to stop


I don't want to smile

I don't want to hear myself laugh

Coz I might forget

Coz pain reminds me of you

Every tear is a memory

Of your voice

Of your kiss

Of your smile

Of your touch

Of your laughter

Of your embrace




Always thinking of you

Remembering all those times

But if this is the only way

Down with misery

To get hold of you

Then I'd cry myself to sleep

Right here