It's the end of the day


The sun is far gone

The night is here but still young

I've tired myself with work

I'm back home

This is home

Dark and quiet

A glass of water

To quench my thirst

Fixed dinner for myself

Dishes done

Took a shower

Put on some clothes

Dried my hair

Turned the TV on

Gave my girl a call

To tell her my day

Same story I'd say

Soon I'd sniff and tears would fall

Then I'll pause and laugh a bit

She'll give a sigh

And probably shook her head

Then we would talk

About this guy

About this boy

Who as of now

Is breaking my heart

"Stop thinking about him

You don't deserve this

Clear your head

And head for bed"

That's what she would always say

But I never obeyed

So every night

And every time

I'm by myself

I would start to cry

And fall

This is how my day is gone

Without you

Bearing the unbearable pain

When you're not around