To Still-Anonymous

Wow. When I said I wasn't going to write, I wasn't implying you didn't have to either. I was overwhelmed by your response of:


I'm not quite sure how to reply to this. Are you suggesting my drawing was not sufficiently rabbit-like? Or do you merely want another rabbit? Maybe you're on foreign exchange and would like me to define rabbit for you? It is a fairly small pet that hops around, is very fluffy and has long ears. They don't talk much, or do much. Infact I don't really see much to point to them myself, but Lily's obsessed with them. Lily's my cousin, by the way. I went to visit her the otherday...

I hate visiting Lily.

Well I hope your next reply is noticeably longer. Its not that I don't appreciate your simplicity, but I felt a bit stupid to have finished reading your letter in 10 seconds when everyone else was still reading. Also, I feel stupid compared to Adele and Poppy. They both have long replies and are already smiling. Well Adele's scowling away, but I know that's only because shes happy.

So, whatever-your-name-is, I am deciding to interpretate your letter as a request for me to draw you a cat. Just because I'd already begun one and it seems a waste to throw it away.

Love your Secret Pen Pal K.

Ps. Just encase you were wondering, a cat is another small pet, that hunts birds and mice, purrs when happy, and can be trained to pee in your sisters shoe.