choice cut

a shot through the head, a shot to the head,
whether a 9.9 millimetre steel capsule
or 20 glasses of martini dry,
you are out cold and an amnesiac.

better than preservation in an ice block,
you can play hopscotch on the millenniums
with a syringe under your skin
or three dozen pink pills down your gullet.

choices, choices, we have choices,
do take your pick

and mine for diamonds in the sky (with your girl Lucy)
and maybe you will meet the Cheshire cat
and the Queen of Hearts
swimming through the sky;
where you can counsel each other
in an ouija session
and end it when you start to cry.

if all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops
or if all the snowflakes were chocolate bars and milkshakes,
we'd all be obese, high on angel dust
or choked and dead.

choices, choices, oh we do so have choices,
now would you like that well done
or rare?

-kismet. 6th april 2005

this goes out to hannah and natalie and alyssa, and of course, ohmm (yongquan) who is the fastest guy on crutches i've ever seen! you go, guy!

a/n: warning: it's just a rant, and a thankyou. that day drama ended early and me and hannah and natalie and alyssa sat down in the cafeteria, mourned for our lives, and ended it when I, the world's biggest wimp started crying. we left the school in the rain singing rain songs. oh hannah and me are friends now like we never have been; it is strange what being rejected by the blind people in charge of a writing program can do. i am ranting; but i do heart you guys. WE ARE HIPPIES DREAMING OF STARTING A THEATRE COMPANY IN A PLACE WHERE THE ARTS ARE DEAD.