Know It's Wrong

Grass beneath and sky above

My heart is shaking is this love?

Fear strikes cold deep within

I feel the world begin to spin

Somethings wrong, I know it's true

I'm blind to all that isn't you

My friends all point toward your flaws

But I'm so stubborn, I just ignore

The truth that sits so awkwardly

Within my mind I really see

But hope can be a powerful thing

So when you do take that first swing

And the bruise appears upon my arm

I refuse to believe you meant to harm

The lies that fall from your lips

I know they're false, but I've lost my grip

I've lost myself, I've lost my view

Of anything that isn't you

Why is it so hard for me to trust?

To do the thing I know I must?

To let you slip through my grasp

To leave the hurt you caused in the past

Standing in your shadow, letting you have all the light

Giving up all my pride, just so you can be right

Who knows where to draw the line, to mark out what's wrong

When love feels so true and deep, when it's pull on you is so strong

The best lesson I ever learnt

Was taught to me through all this hurt

Through the humiliation, lies and bruises you dealt

All of them so deeply felt

When something shines so bright, it turns you blind

You must take the time to look and find

What it is you really fear

Why you hold the one who hurts you so dear

Did you treat the others the way you treated me?

It doesn't make a difference, now that I am free

From all the anger you turned outside

You're such a coward, all you did was hide

Saying you were misunderstood

You only kept me around to make yourself feel good

I let you do it all along,

I know that now, I know its wrong