Can you believe we're finally here?
Just drop the bags because we are not unpacking them yet.
I'm going to lie down on the bed and just
Not think about driving anymore.

Lines, lines, yellow, white…
You know what? This time
I didn't mind the drive.
For the first time ever you were there
To help me stay awake.
And do you think I talk too much when I'm tired?
No, you don't talk much at all when you're tired.
Well I'm tired now.
You're wide awake.

You know what else?
You're the only thing I see
that doesn't look like white and yellow lines.
Aww, that's really sweet.
Well you deserve it. You deserve
My best poetic homage. Yes, you do.
And you deserve to let somebody else drive sometimes.
No, no, I've got it. Don't worry about it. Are you being sarcastic?
No, I'm not.
I mean about that being really sweet. Because I meant it.
I know you did, I believe you did. No, I wasn't being sarcastic.
You make me think of something, but I'm very tired right now
And I don't know what.
You told me in the car. I'm your microcosm of endless depth,
Your rare and precious comet, your source of earthly happiness,
Your telescope to see the stars…

I said that?
Yes, you did.
In those words?
Every one.
It doesn't make much sense, does it?
No, and it never really did.
But you're smiling.

My telescope, do you know what we are not?
Very much awake?
We are not lines!
No, we are lines, very tired lines.
Yes, but we are not really lines. I could graph you-
Yes, I could, if I wanted to.
I could graph you inside and out and break you into numbers
And I still wouldn't have you.
No, you wouldn't.
Because you are the only thing that doesn't look like lines.
Everybody else is lines to me.
We can sleep for a few hours.
We will. But do you see?
No, I can't see right now.
But math is your game, isn't it?
You're so confused about it.
But can you see a little bit? Because I'm very excited about it.
I know you are. And yes, I guess so. I can see a little bit,
But even lines have to sleep sometimes.
I know; I just had to tell you.
I'm happy to hear it. Now please stop breathing so quickly;
We're trying to fall asleep, remember?
Yes, I was just coming to that.