do you feel this errupting?

a silent meditative smoke arises

filled with the stench of chaos

dancing seductively, hypnotizing

the wind catches my hand

and nails it to the tree

i've no place to go now

except for inside of me

the fire engulfs me

my veins become ablaze

my heart pumps fury

my eyes harbor a peircing gaze

chaos is here

get ready for the times

you will reconcile this hardship

until its time for your life

give in, my love,

to the dancer of shadows

for she is beautiful

yet her heart is shallow

turn your head

from this disaray of man

remember that you're alone

you are your only friend

the streets, buildings

all tattered and torn

the ones who are left

fall to their knees and mourn

when daylight arises

everyone will see

this chaos has left us

bound to this tree