Bow to me beautious fox

While enshrouded with a skull

Make sure that I am out tonight

And that I'm bright and full

Tilt your head down to the earth

And keep the skull on tight

For if it falls unto the ground

I can not grant your wish tonight

If the skull remains in place

A gift you shall recieve

The body of a maiden fair

So that men you may decieve

Mischevious fox with all your tricks

Come and bow to me

So that I may bestow the gift

Of human form to thee

Beautious wonder of nature

Whom toys with mortal men

Do not drink too heartily

Or risk exposure to them

Lead men into tempation

Toy with body, not with heart

And do not stay long enough

For a deep love to start

Use your caution and your wit

And always get away

Do not switch roles with mortals

To become the hunted prey

Now be off and take great care

And remain undercover

I'll tell you this just one more time

Don't pick a mortal lover

Author Notes: The poem's inspiration came forth while I was reading demonology folk lores. It's based upon the Japanese Folklore of a fox demon putting a skull upon it's head and bowing to the moon. If the skull falls and hits the ground the fox demon can not recieve a human form. If the skull remains upon the fox's face they gain a human form of a beautiful woman. Often, they bewitch men. Some tails say that if you sleep with a fox woman you die in 30 days by pretty much wasting away. Other verisons say that if the demon drinks too much it'll be exposed and leave it's victim safe. Woo.

I'm such a nerd.