AN: I wrote this extended metaphor to allude to sporting events in Italy before and after Pope John Paul II's demise and the Queen concert following it. I felt deeply sorry for those events, but (with the exception of the Queen concert) they're shelved away because they're out of respect. It can also be read when other national/international tragedies strike. I compared the Pope to a chancellor of an unnamed country.

AN on Pope: Rest in peace, Father

Stop the matches,

The Chancellor's dying,

Terminate all sporting events,

Played across the land.

Can't you see, coaches,

His health is failing?

Quit playing the games,

Shelve it for later,

The Chancellor is terminally ill,

Put the balls down,

Place the bats away,

Make the stadiums makeshift shrines for him.


The Chancellor's dead,

Plan the events weeks from now,

Fly all flags at half-staff,

I know it's hard,

But let's respect him by doing this.

Rock band,

Why do you have to play,

Why do you want to perform this,

In a time like this?

Show some respect,

Stop the show,

Oh well,

You've might as well go on,

The whole show must go on,

You've did a pre-concert moment of silence,

Don't blame me, please,

If they criticize you for this.

Rest in peace, our dear Chancellor.