Chapter One

Kristina Nixon had never considered herself to be normal. It probably came from the verbal abuse her stepfather would throw at her. He didn't like the fact that she was a lesbian, or a witch, so he would constantly belittle her. She never questioned him either. It had led her to believe that she wasn't special, no matter how much her brother and friends tried to tell her any different.

Orion was the favorite in the family. Never mind that the two siblings were twins and looked and acted alike. The fact that Orion was a straight, Christian teen made him an angel in their parents' eyes. Kristina had always envied her brother's relationship with their mum and Brad. She had tried to change . . . tried to be better, but every time she went to church, or out on a date with a guy, she felt empty. Like she was just playing a character in Drama class.

Acting was the one thing that could pull her out of her depression, even if it was only temporarily. When she played a character, she got into it to the point that she actually believed she was that person. Fiona Leon, a senior and one of Kristina's best friends, was also in Drama, and was the reason that Kristina signed up in the first place. The two were inseparable when it came to that class, and no one dare try to partner with either of them.

What Fiona didn't know, was that, while Kristina loved being friends with her, she wanted something more.

This is something that came to me in a dream. pause That sounded very strange, but it's the truth. I have no idea where I am going with this story, but I hope I know soon so this isn't some PWP that spans ten or more chapters.

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Blessed Be,
Phoenix Black