Chapter Three

When Kristina woke up, the first thing she noticed was the color white. It took a minute for her to remember what happened, but when she did, she groaned. That seemed to be a bad idea, as the noise indicated to the occupants of the room that she was awake. The first person she saw was her mother. She asked if she was okay, Kristina said yes. Orion gave her a look from behind her mother that said You're not okay, but we'll talk later.

She wasn't really surprised that Brad wasn't there. He was probably at home praying that she had brain damage or had died.

Fiona walked in the room at that moment. When Kristina's mum saw her, she smiled and told her daughter that she was going to head home and set up her bed for her. Orion followed out, but not before winking at his twin, who rolled her eyes. Fiona came and sat in the chair beside the bed, and Kristina could see that her eyes were red. She had been crying.

"Hey Kris," she said weakly, her voice hoarse.

Kristina reached out and grabbed her hand. "Hey Fee."

"I was so worried," Fiona confessed. "You've been unconscious for almost six hours."

Kristina's eyebrows reached her hairline. "W-what? That long?"

Fiona nodded, and Kristina could see her eyes filling up. "I've been here the entire time. Louis got suspended for a day, and ISS for a week. Ms. Hamilton said he knew better."

Kristina sighed. "You know what I need?"

Fiona looked up at her. "What?"

"A fag," Kristina said, looking pleadingly at her friend.

Fiona managed a smile. "I don't have any. But I met this really nice nurse that I could probably bum some off of."

"If you do, I will love you forever," Kristina said. Even though I already will, she added silently to herself. She could have swore she saw something flicker in Fiona's eyes, but it was gone before she could identify it.

"I'll be right back," Fiona said, walking to the door. A few minutes later she came back, with a wheelchair and a whole pack of fags in her hand. She set them down and helped Kristina into the wheelchair.

"If you run me into a wall, I will hurt you," Kristina said, her voice light.

"Deal," Fiona said laughing. Together they went downstairs to the ground floor and out into the cold air. Kristina shivered, wishing she had a jacket with her.

"Here," Fiona said, holding a blanket out for her. Kristina wrapped herself up in it gladly. Fiona handed her a fag, which had already been lit. She took a drag and the two sat in silence while they smoked.

Just for the record, I'm not British. Some people might think that because I use some British slang in my writing. This is mostly because I write Harry Potter fanfiction, and those are based in Britain. Hard habit to break, I guess.

I have no idea where this story is based. If it becomes essential to the plot in later chapters, I will have to come up with something. .:laughs:.

Blessed Be,
Phoenix Black