I dumped my bag in the hall and walked into the lounge

Room Service

I dumped my bag in the hall and walked into the lounge. There were a few guests in there, but the rest were out sightseeing. I sat down in an armchair and switched to a different channel, there was a program I really wanted to watch on about now. It was still on the adverts so I went to fetch my bag from the hall. I rifled through the stuff I'd got, make-up, clothes, a few bits and bobs I didn't actually need…ah ha! My best mate's birthday present.

"We are sorry, but this weeks episode of Juvenile Central will not be on due to the fact that there is a double episode of the program before it." Blared the voice of that annoying woman.

I switched it back to another boring channel and went to reception.

Perhaps I should explain. I live in a hotel with my Mum, Dad and annoying little sister Nancy. I'm Toni.

"Hi Libby!" I said to the receptionist behind the counter. "Busy day?"

"Are you kidding?" Libby said wearily. "It's the middle of July! People having been coming and going like anything!"

"Is Mum in?" I asked.

"In the office, doing the finances. I wouldn't go in there though, you know how she is!" Libby replied.


"Gone to sort out the swimming pool. Some kind of problem. Jack had to drag a little kid out the pool today, she nearly drowned. Only about three!"

"I'll go and find him then!" I dragged my bags up to my room in the attic (we converted it into a sort of flat to live in) and set off down the lift. Walking down the main corridor I passed the restaurant, the toilets and the ballroom. Waving to all the people who worked in the hotel, I got to the swimming pool and let myself in. I spotted Dad.

"Hi Dad!" I said.

"Oh, hi!" he said, troubled.

"What's the problem?" I asked.

"You know the deposit for the towels? Someone's stolen all of it! You know how many people are staying at the moment, that's about £300! We have to pay it back when they leave, but it's gone!"

"Oh my god" I said worriedly. "What you mean, it was stolen, or just lost?"

"Gone! We don't know!" said Jack, the lifeguard and Libby's long-term boyfriend.

"Hi!" I said. "Dad, let me know if you find anything, I need to wrap up Jenny's present. It'll just be some kid mucking around!"