Waking up once again, she could sense that she was being carried somewhere but to where was unknown and with whom was also unknown to her. She never fully awoke just slipped in and out of consciousness for the next 28 days. Only being awoken faintly every few hours by having some foul smelling liquid forced down her throat feeling it scorch her through to the bone. She couldn't see out of her eyes, she couldn't even tell if they were closed or open because her entire body felt like shattered glass.

She couldn't seem to get cool enough. She was so warm that she could feel herself sweating. She could barely breathe as a tight bandage went across her chest holding her ribs in place. Her head felt like a water globe with an air bubble, swishing back and forth, very hazy.

Soon, however, she began to start seeing light. It was unclear and way too bright but she knew she wasn't dead anymore. At first, she thought she could hear voices but it soon disappeared. All of a sudden, without warning, a heavy weight was placed on her chest, causing all the air in her lungs to be forced out in a painful rush, a moan of pain escaped her chapped lips.

She could smell the foul smelling hot liquid that always seemed to turn her insides into a torrent of heat. She felt the pressure on her chest fade away suddenly before a spoon with the foul liquid steaming hot was forced down her throat. It didn't taste good or bad, it tasted fiery hot and continued to make her insides rumble in protest.

She tired to open her eyes and found the light was finally bearable and not as intense. She could make out slightly a gray figure holding a spoon in one hand and a shallow terracotta bowl in the other. As soon as she made out the figure was moving its mouth she focused her ears to hear.

She could make out a low rumble of a deep voice is sounded unfamiliar and exotic yet she wasn't afraid. She could only force herself to hear his voice when she heard an almost forgotten sound. Mourning doves were cueing near by, the rustle of leaves as the wind flew by and little chipmunks chirping away t each other bickering over an acorn. Up until that moment she had been trying without any luck to hear what the figure was saying when all of a sudden she began to hear. It turned out to be a man.