The rooster crowed even before the sun came up. Livvy shot up in bed, angry that the damnable bird had woken her up way before she wanted to. Livvy tried getting back to sleep but couldn't. Frustrated, she threw the covers off of her tired form and placed her feet on the chilly floor boards, waking herself up with a start. Running her fingers through her hair she winced as they got caught in tangles. She finally made it through but her hair had grown an inch since the day before. It was really strange how her hair kept growing and her nails kept growing. She gashed her neck, scratching an itch. Standing up, Livvy went down the hall and into the bathroom to relieve nature's call.

It was still very dark outside with no sign of the sun. Livvy climbed back into her bathing suit that she had taken off before going to bed the night before. She grabbed the hair brush and went down the cluttered hallway and out the front screen door. She was barefoot and the ground underneath her feet was slightly damp from the night's dew. She walked up the stairs of the gazebo sleepily and bent down to see if the embers were still hot. She piled on a log and fed the fire. She felt a little chilly and soon was warmed by the fire. She put on a pot of water and watched it simmer. Livvy grabbed a cup off of the side and put a packet of hot cocoa in it and poured the streaming water over it.

She loved the smell of cocoa; Rafferty always made her a cup in the mornings. He seemed to have an endless supply. He said one day as he was walking down a lonely road he came across a chocolate shop and he broke in to see if they had any food for he hadn't eaten in days. As he was walking he came across an entire wall of hot cocoa. There were crates full of boxes of hot cocoa. He took a box for his trip and left finding only the powder. But once he found the farm and moved in, he had Morningstar and the wagon and went and loaded the entire wagon full of hot cocoa boxes. He kept them in the attic with a bunch of other grocery items though he was getting low on supplies, one of the reasons for leaving the farm. The attic was full of canned goods, pasta, flour and sugar though everything was lower than usual.

Livvy stood up, stretched and yawned as she saw Baby coming across the yard as she sipped her drink. Smiling Livvy got into the basket that held carrots and lettuce and things to let Baby take it out of her hand. Livvy smiled at the small creature and leaned against the rail letting the heat of the mug sooth her aching hands.

It wouldn't be day yet for a couple of hours but Livvy knew that she would have another long day like the day before. She still had a lot to do around the house that she wanted to accomplish. She was going to dust and rearrange the furniture so that they could get around easier than they could now. She was going to do tons of cleaning around the house because it looked like Rafferty knew little or nothing of household chores. She walked back to the house but heard Betsy getting restless and instead made her way to the barn where she fed all the animals, Betsy didn't need as much milking.

She made her way back to the house and began to light the oil lamps. She was confronted with so much mess that she was beginning to feel overwhelmed. Taking a deep breath, Livvy walked through the messy halls looking at random items. she walked all the way to the end of the hall and was about to turn the corner when she knocked into the end table that was piled high with books and odd objects, nails, paperclips, odd shaped black pieces and lots of dust.

As she leaned down to pick up the numerous books that fell she saw by chance a thin crack in the beige colored hall wall. She hoped that it wasn't a damaging crack, she bent over to touch it and the wall moved. She quickly moved the hall table to check the crack thinking it was bad off to cause the wall the move. She wasn't expecting what she found. As the table was pulled away, a small circular hole was found with a key opening though no hinges could be found.