I'm not sure
Why I look at you this way
I cannot understand
How you make me feel so temporary
And I don't know anything
About anything but romance
And not much of that

And I, I, I
In your embrace
Every time
You're in my dreams
Because you're gone from here
Like everyone with any sense

I don't know
Why I miss you
Something inexplicable

It's inexplicable
It's in your eyes, it's in your eyes
It's in your eyes
Like fire
In your eyes

Engineering contact between us
Drains me of my energy
And I don't really need
All the heartache that you inspire
You're my muse
You're my muse
You're my muse
You dress me down, I'm desolate
You make me desolate

It's in your eyes
In your eyes
It's in your eyes like candlelight
You scorch me
Every time you look at me

In your eyes
You teach me everything I know
About suffering
I don't care to understand
What's in your eyes
And I know that something's burning
Deep inside me
I am playing solitaire

And I'm playing solitaire

Don't stare at me
With those eyes
You seem on fire
You burn me up
But I don't want to burn anymore

Force of habit makes me feel alive
Without it I think that I would not be anything more

And I'm playing solitaire (to end)