Chapter 1


Noises filled the mansion of the Crandons'. There only daughter was dying from an illness which they don't know. Isabella's voice was unbearable, she was hysterical. Her voice didn't seem right, it was hoarse and deep and non-understandable. "Hishar-kum! Hishar-kum! Novashuhara, indei-notara husharmaha. Monde-vashar antara iharano… Hahaha… Hishar-kum! Hishar-kum!"(She's mine! She's mine! Her soul will be doomed forever! Hahaha… You can't save her now! She's mine!)

Death was near, and a body of a young girl lay on the sitting room couch in her room one stormy October night in 1957. The girl was ill at the age of 18 and her parents were devastated.

A woman, a medium sat near the couch, her eyes closed as she entered her trance. The medium began to speak of something beyond death's curtain – "A dark young man… no… a creature… leave her alone! She's just a child! Stop these games you foul thing… Aaaahhhhhh!!!" The woman then fainted and then there was silence.

The girl's facial expression now went from anguish and grimace to ease and serenity. Her stiffening body that lay on the couch relaxed and left her lifeless. This caused screams and tears in the room. For the medium, she arose from her sleeping state. Words were now coming in torrents, "Hahaha… You fools… It's too late for her."

The mediums face then changed again into anguish and tears came falling down to her cheeks. The voice changed and this time, there daughter's sweet pleading voice could be heard. "Mama! Papa! Please help me…"

Once again, the medium's expression was taken over by the one before, "Shut up you little f-ck! I own you now. Too bad you didn't play our little game right." Throwing off a lifetime's fury and impolite reserve, the girl's father suddenly seized the medium's hands with fierceness, trying to snap the medium out of her trance. He couldn't believe what was happening nor could accept the words that were spoken. The people in the room were now crying and shouting in fear.

That stormy night marked the beginning of fear of the people of Underhill, a small village in England. The tragedy of the Crandon's daughter, Isabella struck all the people in the village. They didn't know what really happened or what have caused the death of the girl. All they knew was the life and death of Isabella was dreadful.

Isabella suffered from bruises, bone fractures and physical deformities. Everyday, she would be found by her parents hanging from the ceiling of her room, vomiting green fluids which they didn't know what it was, speak in tongues that were foreign to them. It all started 7 days ago when she went home from school.

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