Chapter 9

Laura and the Crown

The man gave a wide grin and spoke once again, "Hush little Jade now don't you cry, now let's continue shall we?"

"What did you do to Laura?! Who are you?! Where's JD?" MJ in her desperate state crying begged for answers

The man continued to smile at MJ. "I know I have been so unfair lately dear but don't worry in time you'll understand everything. The man then raised his left hand and began to chant something, "Hasha-adei-no vaz!" Suddenly, a part of the wall where MJ was facing opened, another small room appeared. To her horror, she saw something she didn't expect. It was Laura. She was being tied to a pale white walled-column in the middle of the room. Her clothes were massacred, her hair was hastily ruined. As MJ looked up and saw Laura's face, she shrieked in fear. Laura's eyes were bleeding, blood trickling down her rosy cheeks. Laura was crying silently with closed eyes.

"LAURA!!! Laura…" she cried

"I know exactly how you feel dear Jade. You want to end her suffering don't you?"

"How can you do this to her, you beast!" For the first time, her fears disappeared and in return, anger flooded her being. The man again raised his both hands this time and chanted, "Kum-na-sharkum-ha-novahesa…" MJ noticed that flames started to fill the man's hands. Out of the flames a circle-shaped thing began to form. As the flames died down, there MJ saw a crown on the man's head. The crown was made of thorns, rusty wires and of red roses. The scent of the roses was intoxicating her, making her dizzy.

"MJ dear, wouldn't sweet Laura look even more beautiful with this elegant crown?"

"Don't you put that thing on her you beast!"

"But Jade, I have to. This is what I do. I do really think Laura would look like a princess when she wears it on her head. Just like a princess… Didn't you know a princess once wore this? What was her name again…? Ah! Princess Sophia, how could I forget that charming princess. Didn't you know she was the first who took pleasure in my hands?!"

"You disgust me!"

"Thank you dear." He then started to walk towards Laura. Laura still looking down with closed eyes started to whimper.

"Please, don't… don't hurt me…me"

"Why would I do that to you sweet Laura of mine? You know, you really remind me of someone I know once. She was the same age as you are my sweet 18. She also looked like you. It seems that crown has grown its liking for you." He gently put the crown on Laura's head.


"There we go! Now you look exactly like my Princess Sophia. Don't worry my dear. The pain in only starting since the crown doesn't fit you well, but soon it will. The crown will start to shrink every now and then. You will be experiencing more of it as time goes by. Just to remind you my sweet, I'm not planning to kill you. Oh no, you are something."

"Stop it! Stop it! Take that thing away from her head! Please. Stop all of this. What did she do to deserve this?" MJ hysterically screamed

"Don't worry dear Jade, I haven't forgotten about you."

"Please, don't do that to my friend… Please…I will do anything…just please…please…set her free."

"Set her free? Now, why will I do that? Couldn't you see both the crown and Laura are bonding?"

"Please, I'll do anything. Please, let us go."

"I can't do that. You see, you have summoned me from my sleeping world. It has been decades now since I haven't felt this satisfaction. And yes, you will do something. You will do something that may save your friend's life."

"Anything, please."

"Even if you don't do what I say, you don't have a choice. Here's what I'll do. I'll be giving you 7 Riddles which you have to answer for 7 days as well. The rule is simple, you answer a riddle, and you live for another day. That also goes for your 2 friends as well. Are we clear, Jade?"

"And what if I fail?"

"That you'll have to wait and see…"

The man then turned to Laura and chanted once again, "noevapa-hasha-thal-thal-hashum-ha." The column where Laura was tied made a shattering sound. The ropes that bounded Laura to the wall disappeared, Laura was still standing limply. The column was now breaking in half, and before MJ's eyes, the column now seemed like a sarcophagus. Inside the column now a sarcophagi were full of tiny sharp needles, and the needles were still bloody and some had dried flesh hanging on the tips. The man then beckoned Laura to enter the shallow space between the needled-wall.

"Now Jade, for your first Riddle I'll be changing the rule. As they say, the first is always the hardest. As you see, Laura is inside the column full of needles that will kill her. If you will fail the first riddle, you will not die but instead your friend will pay the price. You don't want that to happen now, do you?"

"That would be unfair. That's not part of what you have said!"

"Hahaha… dear Jade, time is ticking… I'll be seeing you later then…"

"What?" The last words the man said started to fade… Everything started to move fast as she was sitting on the floor.

"As you awake from your sleep, listen to what your inner self might say, there you'll find the key to what you are looking for…"

Everything became dark for MJ. She was in a trance she kept on fighting back. She no longer heard the man's voice, silence surrounded her. As she laid her head on the cold floor, she had that same feeling every time she went to sleep, alas it devoured her.

Morning came; the sun was vastly shining in the blue sky behind her dark blue curtains. Birds outside her window were happily chirping. The sound of the ticking of her alarm clock became louder and louder. The hand of her clock was nearing the twelve…


Slowly she opened her eyes, gloomy essence surrounded her. She rose up from her lying position. She rubbed her eyes and started to look around. Now she felt a terrible aching in her body. Why was she feeling so heavy? Why was she feeling so confused? Why was her body aching in pain? She then saw the candles lying on the floor… She remembered everything…

She looked at her clock; it was 8 in the morning. She got out of bed and headed towards her bathroom across the room. She had to pee first then went towards her mirror. She was still half asleep that she didn't notice the red writings on the mirror. When suddenly, she opened her eyes and to her horror… There laid in front of her…words in red…or so… words in blood.

Remember her sweetness,

Remember her crown;

Seek for the Princess,

And her importance will be found.

"This can't be…" she whispered as she stared of what was in front of her

"Laura…" she thought for a moment. What am I gonna do? Damn! Why does this have to happen?

She gathered all her wits, cleaned the mess on the window. She had a cool shower, dressed up and left the house. She had to make sure if all these things were real. She had no other choice but to go where must go. But first things first, she has to know who the princess was. Who was she? There would be a lot of princesses named Sophia! How would she know who was the right one? And what the about the crown? What the hell does it mean?

"God, I'm so messed up right now… What am I gonna do?" she thought again

"There's only one place I can go as of now. Laura please hang on for me." she whispered to herself. She got her bike, sat on it and journeyed down the street… She mustn't waste anymore time. She has to move…and fast.

"Laura… Jonathan…"