A/N: Hey everyone. Well...hmm. This is a mix between a poem and a suicide note I think. Hoping someone likes it. I still dont know if Im any good, but well, Im writing from the heart and thats what counts right?

Sometimes I am lonely,

Sometimes I am sad,

Sometimes I want to die,

And leave this world forever.

And forever, it seems so long,

And once I'm gone,

Theres no coming back.

Maybe I'd regret it,

But I think I'll take the chance…

My tears dry on my cheeks,

As I try to count my blessings,

But counting my sorrows is easier.

Life just hurts so much,

And I think I could just end mine.

To be out of pain and life forever,

Tis a blessing in disguise…

Now I'm saying my goodbyes,

So don't be sad and please don't cry.

I love you all and miss you already,

But this is what I have to do…