and as her crippled narwhal sings

in candlelight in labyrinths

the plainsong wanders far and near

and falls upon the deafened ear

who hides beneath the meathook sky

with silver tears in sightless eyes

but falling mirrors cannot know

theyre being watched in stereo

but discoballs and groping hands

stir not the narwhals shifting sands

but cower in their failed hope

and drown in ecstasy and dope

with quagmire dreams and fantasies

and rusted truths and falling leaves

a hollow soul a rotten core

worm-ridden brain and skin red raw

a beauty far from flesh and bone

but time forgets what time would know

so weary watch the noble fall

and meekly heed the ravens call

and yet defiance leads her on

euphoric lies which soon are gone

a hazy world of tangled weeds

forgotten words and wicked deeds

she stumbles yet she staggers on

and ever sings her plaintive song