Ryan pulled out a spare pillow from the airing cupboard and throw it over to his friend Teddy who laugh a little as it softly hit his head. He playfully rubbed his head as he let out an 'ouch' and then turned to his friend with a playful yet evil death glare.

Ryan: (Shrugs) What? You asked me to throw you a pillow.

Teddy: Yeah I said 'pass' me a pillow not 'throw' me a pillow.

Ryan: (Laughs) Sorry it was too tempting.

Ryan was enjoying this. It had been ages since he had a friend stop over for the night and seeing how Teddy was one of his best pals he knew tonight wouldn't be boring. But he knew he couldn't get too carried away otherwise his parents would be angry as hell if they made too loud a racket.

They quickly gathered the spare pillows and blanket and headed towards Ryan's room without hesitation.

Once inside Teddy hoped onto Ryan's bed face down with his legs in the air and looked over at Ryan with a cheesy grin on his face.

Teddy: (Smiling) Dips on the bed.

Ryan: (Annoyed) But that's my bed.

Teddy: So? I'm the guest remember?

Ryan mumbled under his bed as he dumped the spare pillows and blankets on the floor whilst trying to think up a clever line to get back at Teddy. Then it hit him.

Ryan: Well … Well at least I don't lay on my bed with my feet up in the air like a girl.

Teddy: (Annoyed) Hey!

Ryan: (Sniggers) Well you are.

Teddy: (Mischievous grin) What are you trying to say? Would you prefer if I was a girl or something?

Ryan: I could get lucky tonight if you were.

Teddy: (Shakes his head) We're too young to be doing that sort of thing with a girl.

Ryan: (Turns round) So? I know plenty of guys at school who've done it.

Teddy: (Raises an eyebrow) Your joking right?

Ryan: No.

Teddy: Did you ever think that maybe they were lying to you so that people would think they were cool?

Ryan: Hmm … No not really.

Teddy: (Sniggers) I bet you've never seen a real girl have you?

Ryan: (Grins) Well that where your wrong actually because ………

Within a flash Ryan jumped over to the bottom of his bed and reached in under the mattress. For a second he looked for something and then finally found it.

Ryan: See. (Shows him a magazine) Here's your proof.

Ryan pushes the magazine into Teddy's face whose jaw drops at the beautiful site before him.

Teddy: … A porn mag?

Ryan: (Smiling) Yep. Pretty cool isn't it?

Teddy: (Reading the mag) Yeah … I guess … Man I wonder what it's like?

Ryan: (Confused) What?

Teddy: Doing the stuff some of these girls are doing to these guys.

Ryan: I don't know, I haven't tried it before neither. (Blushes) Do you want to try it?

Teddy: (Shocked) What!?!

Teddy was completely shocked by what Ryan had just said. 'Try it'? But they weren't gay.

Ryan: (Looking away) It's just a suggestion … No one would found out or have to know if you didn't want them too … I can keep it a secret.

Teddy: (Confused) I'm … not … sure …

Ryan: (Looking down and smirks) That tent in your pyjama boxers seems pretty sure to me.

Teddy's face turned a bright red as he looked down at his pyjama boxers and suddenly noticed the bulge that was appearing.

Teddy: Well … I'd had to try something first before I could do anything else.

Ryan: (Blinks) What?

Teddy: Kissing. (Turns away in embarrassment) If I don't like that then I don't think I could do anything more …

Ryan: (Gulps) Ok … I guess.

Teddy: Um … Now or later?

Without hesitating Ryan got up onto his feet and moved closer towards Teddy so that he was only inches away from his face.

Ryan: (Nervous) Is it ok if we do it now?

Teddy nodded and with that Ryan leaned forward and kissed him.

Strange was the thought that entered the minds of both boys. They knew it should feel strange but at the same time they didn't mind it.

As the kissed continued both boys started to become a little more adventurous. Teddy was the first as he began to move his tongue closer to Ryan's mouth. Ryan who could feel the other boy's tongue trying to enter his mouth so he loosened it a little and allowed Teddy's tongue to enter. Soon their tongues were pressing against on another's as if it was some kind of dance and whilst Teddy was intoxicated with this he didn't notice Ryan was moving his hands closer to the tent in his pyjama boxers. Teddy broke the kiss the second he felt Ryan's hand stroking the thin layer of fabric and then began to let out soft moans and groans of pleasure as Ryan continued to stroke it as well as push it down which helped to make it more erect.

A mischievous grin soon appeared on Ryan's face as he moved his hands towards the waistline and within a flash and without much difficulty pulled down his friend's boxers allowing showing off his erection to the world.

As Teddy laid on the bed slightly confused at what had just happened Ryan wasted no time and began to move his hand up and down Teddy's shaft before finally wrapping his lips around it and beginning to suck on his manhood.

Teddy quickly grabbed the nearest pillow he could reach and began to moan into it hoping to muffle out his pleasurable groans so he didn't wake anyone else in the house especially as he was about to reach his limit.

Ryan could feel this as well and decided to start licking the tip of Teddy's erection which took Teddy to the blink of pleasure as he released onto Ryan's face with his fluids whilst at the same time trying not to scream out loud in pleasure.

Surprised? That was one word Ryan would use to describe what happened. He never thought he would actually go that far with Teddy let alone have him cum into his face. Still despite the fact Teddy has released Ryan on the other hand was still hoping for a bit of pleasure for himself especially as he had a tent in his boxers as well which clearly wasn't going to go away.

Ryan: (Confused) Um … Teddy?

Teddy: (Huffing and puffing) … Ah … man …

Ryan: (Licking off the juices) It's ok pal but I …

Teddy sat up and looked over at his friend who was slowly pulling down his own boxers to reveal his own erection. Teddy gulped a little and he got off the bed and moved over to Ryan and playfully pushed him onto the floor so that he could remove his boxers without much difficulty.

Without hesitating Teddy took Ryan's manhood into his mouth and began top suck and lick like crazy causing Ryan having to bite the bottom of his lip in an attempt not to scream out in pleasure.

Soon like Teddy, Ryan was reaching his climax point and within seconds released into Teddy's mouth who quickly raised his head and swallowed Ryan's juices without much difficulty.

Soon both boys were staring at each taking in what they had just done. Finally Teddy spoke up much to Ryan's relief.

Teddy: (Unsure) Well … that was … interesting.

Ryan: (Blinks) Interesting? I was going to say it was fun.

Teddy: (Nods) Yeah you could say that … Wanna do it all the way?

Ryan: (Blinks) Um … Ok.

With those last words both boys quickly removed what was left of their clothing and got under the blanket of the fold out bed. They both knew they wouldn't be getting much sleep that night but they did know they were going to have a lot of fun.


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