Sleepover 2



Linda always had fun with her friend Lori whenever she came round for a sleepover. They were extremely close friends and nether one of them had a boyfriend, which at times would become very sexually frustrating for both of them but thankfully they had each other.

Linda: O Lori yes …

Linda let out another moan as her best friend Lori continued to lick her dripping wet pussy whilst Linda knead her own left beast forcing her nipples to harden with pleasure.

Lori: (Licking her lips) O yes Linda your extra wet tonight.

Soon Linda let out one finally loud groan as she climaxed onto Lori's face breathing heavily as she collapsed onto her bed.

Lori licked the juices off her face as her hands reached for the lower half of her nightgown, which she pulled over her head leaving her wearing only her wet panties.

Lori: Now I think it's time for the 'rubbing'.

Lori lowered herself onto the bed and placed her panties covered right next to Linda's as she then began to grind them together causing them to begin to moan loudly.

Lori: Oh Linda …

Linda: Oh Lori …

Soon both of them climaxed and within minutes they fell asleep holding each other in their arms not realising they were being listened to.

In Linda's brother room ………

We see Linda's brother Dale laying in his bed looking up at the sealing.

Dale: (Shocked) Bloody hell ………

The End

Yeah I know this sucks compared to my other stuff. Sorry it was just a random thought that popped into my head one head and then I couldn't be asked to go into more detail. Sorry people but having a job at Woolworths can do that to you. I'm ready for your criticism. Read and review please and thanks for reading.