Unspoken Desire

By SandsO

Ryan let out a sigh as he laid back into the extremely comfortable chair. He picked up the remote to the TV and switched it off so that he could listen to the silence as it filled the whole house.

For years Ryan had known the family next door to him including their daughter Melissa who he was currently babysitting. Despite the fact Melissa was younger then him by a few years he had still developed that 'girl next door' feeling like most boys do especially as Melissa had lovely black hair as well as beautiful green eyes which made Ryan feel horny when ever he meet her gaze.

He ran his fingers through his dark brown hair as his blue eyes began to stare upwards at the ceiling wondering what Melissa was doing upstairs.

Her parents had asked him to baby-sit her for them as they thought she was too irresponsible to be left alone. Besides they knew with Ryan around that she would get her homework done as she knew Ryan wouldn't hesitate to tell them if she hadn't finished it following the incident last week in the pool.

That's when he realised it. It was quiet. Way too quiet for Melissa's house.

Ryan: (Thinking) She must have some serious homework to do otherwise she would be annoying me by now.

He slowly got out of the chair and head in the direction that lead to upstairs. When he reached the top he slowly walked over to Melissa's room where he noticed the door had been left wide open. He knocked first and soon noticed that no one was there and after a quick hesitation he decided to risk it and go in.

He let out a small sigh as he looked around the Melissa's room and noticed nothing out of place. He looked at her desk and saw a exercise book as well as a text book laid out all over it making it clear to him that she was indeed doing her homework. To him this was a shock as she would never usually do it but then again this was under slightly different circumstances namely blackmail.

Melissa: (Annoyed) What are you doing in my room?

Ryan nearly jumped out of his skin the second he heard Melissa's angered voice. With sweat starting to pour off him he slowly turned round to see Melissa's angry face. He thought he was a goner for sure.

Ryan: (Scared) Um … I can explain …

Melissa: Start talking otherwise I'm telling my parents you were looking around in my panty draw.

Ryan: (Annoyed) Who told you tha … (Realises) Um … I mean I never did such a thing. How could you say that?

Melissa: (Sinister grin) Because I saw you hentai boy.

Ryan: (Blushes) ………

Melissa: Now what are you doing here?

Ryan: Well little miss bossy I thought seeing how it was so quiet I thought I would come and check on you just in case you might have hurt yourself but seeing how you haven't and your in a bitchy mood I might as well …

Melissa: (Annoyed) Ok, ok I'm sorry but thank you for your concern.

Ryan: (Smiles) Well an apology. From you? Now there's a surprise.

Melissa gave Ryan an anger look and Ryan quickly turned away to look at the book on her table.

Ryan: So um … Do you want help with your homework?

Melissa walked over to her desk and closed the book and then looked back at Ryan.

Melissa: No thank you. I finished it ages ago thanks to the answer sheet a boy at school gave me.

Ryan: (Raises an eyebrow) You cheated huh?

Melissa: You sound surprise.

Ryan: Trust me I'm not. So what did you give him in return for the answers?

Melissa: (Mischievous grin) A peek at my panties. What else?

Ryan: (Mumbles) Man I wish the girls in my class were like that.

Melissa: (Intrigued) Really?

Ryan: Yeah I would have loved it if I could have done it with a girl in her school uniform. (Angry) Dam how come girls back in my year were so stuck up!

Melissa: (Sighs) Ryan I'm bored. I want to play a game.

Ryan: (Sighs) Fine then what game?

Melissa: (Smiles) How about truth or dare?

Ryan: (Shrugs) Why not I haven't played that game since I was a little kid. Ok then I'll go first.

Melissa: Ok.

Ryan: Truth or dare?

Melissa: (Thinks) Um … Dare!

Ryan: (Evil grin) Ok then … (Points to her closet) I dare you to get dressed into your school uniform right in front of me!

Surprised? No that wasn't the word that popped into Melissa's head after hearing what Ryan had just dared her to do. She never knew he had it in him to be honest.

Melissa: (Shocked) What!?!

Ryan: (Sniggers) You heard me. Get. Dressed.

Melissa: (Blushes) You're such a hentai!

Ryan just shrugs his shoulders with a smug look on his face as he looks into Melissa's emotional confused eyes.

Ryan: (Grins) Maybe but a dare is still a dare remember?

Melissa: (Lowers her head) I … guess … so …

Ryan: (Reassuring smile) Don't worry I won't tell a soul I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die!

Melissa: (Giggles) Ok seeing how you put it that way.

She reaches for the bottom part of her shirt and within second's pulls it off revealing to Ryan's surprise that she wasn't wearing a bra. Watching Melissa strip was breath taking for Ryan especially as she continued to strip as she removed her shorts along with her panties at the same time leaving her only in her socks.

Ryan couldn't help but become aroused as he stared at Melissa's gorgeous body as she slipped into her school uniform covering her small but inviting breasts and her perfectly shaped bottom.

Ryan: (Under his breath) … Ah man …

Melissa: (Unsure) Did you say something?

Ryan: (Startled) Um … Me? Um … No just that …

Melissa: (Annoyed) What?

Ryan: (Turns away and blushes) You … You … You have a really nice body.

Melissa: (Blinks) O …

Melissa stared at Ryan as she noticed he had a hint of red in his face. Her evil grin had also returned as she noticed a bulge forming in Ryan's shorts. She knew instantly what that meant and decided to have a little 'fun' whilst he wasn't looking.

Ryan: (Not looking at her) Yeah and um …

Ryan turned his head slowly to Melissa and to his surprise noticed she was moving towards him. At first he was taken back a little as he attempted to move up the bed to get farther away from her but then his hand slipped on the covers causing him to fall flat on his back whilst Melissa continued to edge closer to him.

Melissa: (Teasing) Tsk, tsk, Ryan you've been a very naughty boy haven't you?

Melissa placed her right hand onto the bulge in Ryan's shorts and slowly began to rub and stroke it slowly causing Ryan to let out a few low sounding moans and groans.

Ryan was particularly in heaven as Melissa continued to stroke the ever-increasing bulge in his pants. He was so caught up in the pleasure that he didn't notice that Melissa had unzipped his shorts and pulled them down along with his briefs to release his hard erection.

Melissa had never seen an erect penis before but it was something she had often thought about. With a sinister grin she wrapped her right hand around his manhood and slowly licked the tip before she began to suck on it causing Ryan to let out a louder groan of pleasure.

Enjoying the sounds Ryan was making Melissa continue to suck on his erection and soon felt Ryan's hand on the back on her head helping her to push down even further. She could feel him tensing up so she decided to speed things up a bit by licking her tongue around the head of his erection and soon within minutes he let out a loud groan as he came into her mouth. Melissa didn't waste anytime as she quickly swallowed the liquid in her mouth, licking her lips to savour the taste.

Ryan: (Breathing) Ah man … I can't believe you …

Melissa: You want to try now?

Ryan: (Confused) Huh?

She pulled up her skirt to show her wet and dripping pussy to Ryan who was looking at it in complete amazement.

Ryan: (Excited) O yeah do I!

Within seconds Ryan leaped off the bed and onto his knees directly in front of Melissa. He grab her butt with both hands and then leaned his head forward as he began to lick her slowly at first as she let out small groans of pleasure but they soon turned into louder groans as Ryan's tongue went deeper and deeper into her.

Soon he found her cilt as she let out a slightly louder groan. He licked it, sucked it and did anything he could possibly do with it with his tongue as Melissa continued to scream out in pleasure as Ryan continued to lick her like crazy.

Soon her body tensed up which Ryan knew meant she was about to organism which she did as it hit him right in the face as she scream out in pure pleasure.

As Ryan licked her juices off his face Melissa wasted no time in getting onto her bed and laying down on her stomach with her pussy right in direct view of Ryan's face.

She began to stroke herself as she wanted to continued this so badly and didn't notice that Ryan had completely removed all of his clothes as his body was sweating to much for him to handle.

Ryan: (Unsure) Um … Melissa?

Melissa: (Gasping) Ryan … Please …

Ryan: ……… Of course.

Ryan climbed onto the bed on top of Melissa. He positioned himself so that one hand was stroking her wet pussy whilst another was knead one of her breasts and finally his face was directly in front of hers. He leaned forward and kissed her on the lips whilst his hands where busy elsewhere. Melissa opened her mouth slightly to allow Ryan's tongue in and soon they were French kissing whilst Ryan's erection was stroking Melissa near her butt hole.

She broke the kiss and then turned Ryan over so that he was now lying on his back and she was sitting on his stomach. She looked down between Ryan's legs and saw his erection, which was dripping in pre-cum. She grabbed hold of his penis and began to stroke it up and down so that Ryan's erection was lubricated in pre-cum making it nice and slippery for the main event.

Melissa: (Evil grin) O I am so going to enjoy this …

She lifted herself slightly so that she could better position herself as she placed her dripping pussy right up to Ryan's cock and then wasted no time in sliding down it and then up again in motion whilst Ryan held onto her by placing his hands on her thighs.

Ryan: O Melissa you're so tight. O yeah …

Melissa continued to bounce up and down on Ryan's erection until it slipped out and she fell backwards onto his chest. A confused look appeared on Ryan's face. Had she had enough already? He hoped not.

Ryan: (Blinks in confusion) I don't get it? Have you had enough already?

Melissa: (Huffing and puffing) … No … Ryan but I'm nearly exhausted. Please finish it …

Ryan nodded and soon moved from under Melissa so that it was now directly above her and as their faces meet again. He leaned forward and kissed her passionately as her legs spread and soon he found his penis inside her again. He soon begins to thrust in and out of her slowly but soon it becomes more quickly as Melissa screams out in pleasure and Ryan's thrusts become faster by each second.

Melissa: Ahh, o Ryan …

Ryan: … Mel … Melissa …

Soon after what seemed like an eternity of pleasure they both tense up and have their orgasms at the same time as their inner fluids mixed. Ryan completely collapses onto Melissa as they are both breathing heavily. He wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her into a tight whilst Melissa follows by leaning into Ryan's chest. Then a sinister thought entered Melissa's mind. Her parents won't be back for a few hours at least. Why not have some more fun...?

The End

I'm still annoyed with my self for taking so long to write but I guess all lemon writers have writer's block at the start. I have a few more lemon stories planned so I hope you enjoy them as well. Well R and R please and I hope you enjoyed it.