I've Got A Crush On You

I've got a crush on you.
Even though it's only small.
I fantasize about you every day but really you have no clue.
It doesn't matter that I have a boyfriend,
Because at this point in my head you love me too.

Were in your car.
Listening to Linkin-Park.
You put your hand on my thigh.
But as its only make believe,
It's a place I feel I belong.
Even though we don't have our own song.

I'm in my room getting changed.
You charge through the door.
Not caring you made a mistake.
You begin to touch my sacred skin,
As I gently close my eyes,
But this is not wrong, because this is how I fantasize.

I'm in math class and my eyelids close.
I see you there muttering a sweet hello.
You're wearing your jeans and that grungy T-Shirt.
I pick off your clothes wondering if this will hurt.
You smile at me but it's only a fantasy.
I don't want it to be real, because you're not my ideal.

I've got a crush on you
This much I know is true.
Everyday I fantasize by just closing my eyes.
I can make us do things, which you never would.
You don't even know I like you.
But in my fantasy you like me too.

I've got a crush on you.
All I have to do.
Is close my eyes.
And think of you.
Knowing that it's just make believe,
Its not like you even know I do.

A/N...Plz R&R. This poem results from a question a friend asked me "Is it okay to have a boyfriend but still have crushes on other people?"