Even though I was born in the countryside of China, my mother always said that I was too scared of nature to be a true country girl. Indeed, I feared snakes and bugs more than anything else and while everyone else would go exploring the mountains and collect bugs, I would always stay home and study.

I was shy too. Very shy. One of my first memories was my mother telling me to say hi to this lady. But I was just hiding behind my mother, almost about to burst into tears because I was afraid of the woman.

But I wasn't always this way.

My mother said that when I was born, I was a loud girl. I would sleep all day and cry none stop at night. My mother and grandma did not know what to do with me. They tried everything. They would try to wake me in the morning but no matter how hard they shake me, I would still sleep. They tried making noises, hoping that this would work but it didn't. Mother used to tell me that whenever she was about to sleep, I would start crying and then she and grandma would be up all night trying to get me to sleep, but I didn't want to go to sleep. I was like a drama queen.

Finally, after 1 month of torture, mother decided to ask the doctor for some sleep medicine for me. The medicine would not taste good, the doctor warned. But my mother just couldn't stand another day of me crying.

That night, I started crying again. But just when my mother was just about to put the medicine into my mouth, I stopped crying. Just like that. My mother and grandma would still laugh over it. They would say, " What a smart girl! She knew that we were going to give her medicine and she stopped crying. How on earth did she know? Perhaps the Buddha made her stop crying. Bless he."

When I stopped being a Drama Queen, I started to be a spoil brat. I was my mother's first child and she spoiled me to death. She would always put me in her arms. I got so used to it that whenever she would put me down, I started crying. I don't know how I knew that I was not in my mother's arms but I knew. My mother would make sure that I was sound asleep and then she would gently put me down as soft as possible but I would always start crying again. My grandma said that this shows that I was a smart girl but my mother would always joke and say, "A nuisance smart girl."

When I started learning to talk, I stopped being a brat. I started getting shy. I suppose that it was because even at the age of 3, my brain told me that the world was a very dangerous place and my brain proved to be right.

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