A Month After the Wally-Mart Christmas: Part 2

"Daddy! But Daddy, I need this!"

I had become accustomed to the screams of children over the past month, but it was January now, and this boy caught me off guard. Snapping out of my day dream, I returned to my task of sweeping the isles. Coming out of the Barbie isle, around the Hot Wheels display and into the Lego isle, I discovered the reasoning behind the cries. A short, but large boy held our largest Lego set in his grasp and was crying to his father who followed the same body mass ration as his son.

"No, no, no! I'm tired of your whining. Now you better smartened up or we're going home!" the father's breathing increased rapidly as he appeared to finally lose his patience with his spoiled son. As his breathing continued speeding up, his face also turned a deep purple shade. He appeared to be choking, gasping for air. My heart began racing, I didn't know what to do. As suddenly as the whole thing had began, it seemed to end. He collapsed to his knees, and then to his side and lay still on the floor. My mind flipped into over-drive and I ran for the phone and dialed the emergency number. Rushing back to the scene the over-weight boy hung over his father, the discarded Lego sat beside him. The boys tears flowed steadily down his pudgy cheeks, falling into a puddle on his fathers face, which continued to twitch every few moments.

Around five minutes later the ambulance arrived and the paramedics rushed to the scene. Thankfully the store was almost deserted, and there was no queue of on-lookers yet. Sprinting through the wide isles, the paramedics wheeled the stretched to the heart-attack victim and his son. After asking me a few questions about what had happened they left, leaving me alone with my over-weight cousin holding my hand.