Sing Tragic

By Sara Gallagher

Pen-name: Hiwai onna

Pan shot of a party. Camera is mostly blurry singling out a person for a few seconds before moving to the next person. The camera settles on a boy, young man really. He is sitting on a beige couch, and there is nothing particularly interesting around him. His hair is dark and shaggy. Very plain style, except for the eyes. His eyes are inviting, yet slightly cold.

Over-voice: (of the Boy)

It would be so easy, so easy to end it all for these people. Of course they don't know how petty their existence really is. They don't know how easy it would be...

He is sitting there, not moving, not at all. The people around him are blurry and fast-paced. The shot rushes quickly to a buffet table and focuses.


To poison the food-

Quickly move to a view of the stove and focus.


Or leave the gas on.

Focus again on the boy, who has not moved from his original position.


It would be so easy...

The boy gets up now- slowly. The camera follows him from behind as he moves towards a backroom, as if looking for someplace quiet to sit and think. He opens a door, and already the noise of the party dims. He pauses, and looks over his shoulder into the camera, as if to have doubts about entering the room. The shot changes to from inside the room, where it is dark and little can be seen except for the boy's silhouette, backlit from the hallway. His hand reaches for the wall, searching for a light switch.


Leave it off. I like it better this way.

Boy removes his hand from the wall and allows his eyes to adjust as he looks up and around the room. The camera then focuses on a young woman on the bed in the corner. She is only lit by the moon from outside through sheer curtains. Her skin is pale and seems to glow in the moonlight. Her hair is long and a brownish-blonde, though this is hard to see due to the dim lighting. She is nude with a white cotton sheet draped across her glowing form.


Like what better?


Fucking you.

The boy was shocked, as his eyebrows furrow slightly, and he merely stares at the girl, as if trying to figure her out. The girl gets up slowly, allowing the sheet to fall freely, exposing her curved and naked form. She walks to him slowly, and stands close- not touching and whispers to him.


I like to fuck in the dark. Is there something wrong with that?

The boy does not reply nor does he move. The girl leans in closer.

Girl:(her words are drawn out, almost begging)

Come on, touch me, I know you want to.

Her tongue flicks out softly, threatening to touch him, but then she turns and saunters back to the bed where she sprawls across it, in a provocative manner.

Girl:(she is loud and dramatic, then dies to a whisper flair at the end)

Come here, touch me, fuck me like the whore I am, like the bastard you are! Finish quickly and leave me unfulfilled. Then disappear to die of a horrible whore's disease.

The boy still stands there. The girl gives up and sighs before leaning up against the wall, and lights a cigarette, inhaling slowly.


You like to destroy them...


Excuse me?

She holds her cigarette away from her mouth, a look of ridicule on her face.

Boy: (louder this time)

You like to destroy them...


That's one way of putting it.

She continues to puff on her cigarette, and glances out the window.


I guess we're in the same boat.

Girl: (uninterested)

I guess


Who did you destroy this evening?




You hardly touched me.


I didn't need to.

Boy: (with humor in his voice)


Girl: (with certainty)


The boy seems amused but also annoyed by this girl and the notion she has implied.


And why is that?


I know the truth about you.

The girl looks at him, blows out the smoke before snubbing the cigarette on her white and creamy thigh.


What truth?

She gets up from the bed and walks towards him. Her voice gets deeper and more crude as she speaks.


That if you had the change to be just like them, you'd take it and run, that even if you had the backbone to even touch me, you could hardly follow through. You're just a little boy.


I hate you.


Fair enough.

She picks up several things from floor. Quickly a sun-dress is over her head, fitting snugly to her body.


But follow me, and let me show you the world- my world.

She stares at him intently before brushing past him and out the door.


I didn't have to follow her. I could have stayed and followed through on my plans to destroy the innocents. But who was I kidding. There was no innocence left. I had no other choice.

The boy turns and follows the girl down the hallway. Slowly the door shuts and the screen is left blank.