In a perpetual state of depression
There's no way out
Everything weighing me down
And hard as I try, I can't cry out.

A burden building deep inside
Burning a hole that from myself I cannot hide.
Everything hurts, big or small
I don't know if it will ever go away at all.

So much disappointment in so little time
My tears are falling now
And yet they are little, so many stuck inside.
Emotionally drained am I.

It won't go away
I don't know if it ever will.
Life frustrates me
In all of its endless quandaries.

I'm gasping for air
I'm falling fast
I can't breathe
This pain is taking over me.

My whole body aches
In a dizzying tumble of emotions.
Nothing's enjoyable anymore.
Everything feels like it's in shambles.

And all I want to do is cry and cry
As my world falls apart around me.
And yet I cannot
For I have already cried
A thousand tears.