President Evil

One night down at da' white house Mr. Dubya was fiddling with his new "Eye-Pod". It's actually an I-Pod but he doesn't know that. "Yee-Haw! I downloaded one song in 45 different languages! DICK! Can I massage you?"

"No Sir but some people are here to see you."

"Send em' in."

Zombies walk in and sit down.

"Sir we'd like to kill you and eat your brains."

"What?! Hey I got an Eye-Pod!"

"Ok sir, thank you for your time, wait a sec!" The Zombies came towards Mr. Dubya but he was ready.

"You think you can outwit me, which you can, but I'm just saying." Mr. B kicked a gun up off the ground and started shooting the Evil Zombies like Clint Eastwood. When they were all dead he said " You misunderestimated me."

He walked out of his office and saw all of his guards dead. " Man I didn't know I missed naptime!" After a 30 minute break the Prez was on his way.

He walked over to a picture of George Washington on the floor.

" Oh-No this was my best picture of my Momma!"

A Zombie came through the hallway and looked at Bush. Mr. B was unarmed and could not defend himself. Just then Condoleeza Rice step out with double berettas and shot the Zombie.

" George, sweetie take this." She tossed our President a AK-47.

" Thanks Rice."

Bush walked down a hallway that was very dark. All of the sudden a Zombie stepped out. Bush shot it in the head.

" Ow! That really hurt! I mean who shoots a gun! Honestly!" The Zombie then fell over dead.

" I must be under some kind of Zombie attack! Mr. Bush exclaimed.