Silent Night


Amara dismounted her motorbike and doffed her helmet, placing it on the handlebars while the gentle breeze tugged at her hair. This was her favorite place in the world. From this spot, one could see the beautiful moon, and on a clear night like this one, the stars could also be seen. But there was at least one place better than this.

The highest branch of the huge, one hundred year old oak growing next to her.

Amara swung deftly on the branches, climbing until she reached the top. From here the beach and the waves could be seen, as well as the glittering lights of the city below. The moon and stars could be viewed better from the top of the oak too. Normally the young woman would come here to relax, or to reflect on important matter as it always made her think things through clearly. Other than her home, this was the only other place Amara actually felt comfortable and safe.

But now home didn't feel comfortable and safe anymore.

Now she didn't even have a home…or even a family for that matter.

Her house was a smoking heap on the other side of the city. Amara could still see the smoke rising up into the inky blackness of the sky. Everything she owned and held dear had gone up in flames. Precious photos. The family pet.

And not to mention the worst of all…

The dead bodies of her father and his slut of a secretary.

Amara sighed heavily. Everything had gone down hill since her mum had died about six months ago. She'd been a beautiful woman, in the prime of her life. She was in her early forties, but as mother and daughter like to put it. Twenty with twenty-two years experience. The older woman had been extremely good looking for her age, and after having two children, had somehow managed to regain an excellent figure as well as keep it. She held a prestigious position at the local law firm as she had more friends than Amara could remember. Everyone though that nothing could possibly touch her.

But it did.

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