AN- a friend of mine claims that when she's high she glows in the dark.



I'm filled with light

My hand lights the darkness around me

My eyes are beacons for ships

My feet are leading others on behind me

My hair, it's burning strands float through the air around me

Luminescent tentacles

Skin piercing night with it's glowing-glowing light

I am a pyre of starlight

I float through the air and become the moon

Smiling down on the earth

Giving light and love to those below me

The smile turns into a giggle, and chuckle, a laugh

And the shining breaks

I become a girl lying on the carpet of a smoke-filled room

Laughing at her own thoughts

AN- it's almost scary, watching her like that, hearing what she says, but I'd rather be there to help her out if she needs it than not and leave her to her own devices.