You Hit Me Once

I'm leaving now I have to say good-bye.
You know why so don't even try.
These troubles are too great.
I never believed for me this would be fate.
You hit me once, I swore never again.
That night you knocked me down.
I swore I'd never let you get me down to the ground.
Standing still as if time stopped.
All I saw was your hand and it really did hit the spot.
Tears began to creep down my once vibrant cheeks.
As you kneeled down and tried to stroke my hair.
I moved away fearing what you might do.
Three weeks into the relationship and this is what I meant to you.
We met at a party, playing childish games.
Me smiling across the room, and you mouthing, "what's your name?"
I turned around, not even bothering with that line.
Thinking why should I be so easy, especially tonight.
We eventually hooked up and all was going great.
But that cold Sunday evening, I shouldn't have screamed into your face.
Your hand collided with my, oh so fragile skin.
Knocking me down as the vacant park muttered, "now it begins".
So you helped me up and said you're sorry.
I forgave you, how stupid of me.
At the end of the night we walked out of the park.
You leaving me at the corner, walking pass the dustbin pile.
But before you turned the corner, you turned and had a sly smile.
Your hand went to your lips notifying me not to utter a word of this.

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