The flowers of the season fall with softly defined elegance
Blossoming upon my face they linger briefly then fade
Crystalline petals so pure and tiny
Like children's fingers reaching out to grab my own

The wind whispers breathily to me promising loneliness
Wrapped in my blanket of cold and frost
Silence entombs me in this world
And echoes in my mind

The air is dusted with a tinkling crystal melody
Maybe angels are dancing upon the snowflakes
The sun playing hide and seek with the earth
The sky frosted with white like a giant frozen pond

Delicious melancholy nips at my nose
As my soul is dusted with crystal contentment
Nature's slow rhythmic breathing in time with my heartbeat
The world's dance across the heavens now has become an elegant waltz

Hidden from the world
I find my favorite playground again
Chasing hares across the pure white tapestry
Footprints disappearing, revealing the fleeting nature of being

My breath pours out like smoke from the chimneys
The rich, fragrant aroma of wood smoke drifts down
Thick and musky it lingers as the houses exhale loftily
Snuggled up against a pine tree I hide behind a snow drift

The taste of cold life filtered and pure in silence
Replenishing my spirit with its soft grace
Encased in a white crystal world
Season of my soul


2:08 am