I know Author's Notes as chapters are frowned upon, but I feel the need to get this out there.

Since FictionPress has upgraded, they've dropped the copyright note at the bottom of the story pages. I'm not sure if they're in the process of replacing it, but I'm not comfortable with the whole idea. I tried to look for a contact email address to send a query but the Help/Support page hasn't been uploaded to the site yet. So, until I can find out what happened to the copyright note, or if FictionPress has now decided it will own the stories on its site (which would be very bad news, indeed) I won't be updating my stories there. I will continue to post them on adultfanfiction . net (in the Original section) and look for other sites to mirror my content as well.

When I can verify that FictionPress doesn't intend to copyright my material, I'll continue them. (If they do intend that, though, I may decide pull down my account. My stories are my own ideas and work, and I will not tolerate such an infringement.) If I have updates ready for posting, I'll post them on my Yahoo! group so that no one is left hanging.

If anyone has any information on why FictionPress has removed the copyright note, please let me know.

Sorry for any inconvenience.